The army in Mugabe’s campaign

Documents outline plans by ruling party Zanu-PF to harass and drive out opposition supporters, especially from rural areas. A run-off presidential vote is due to take place later in the month.

More than 60 people have been killed, thousands beaten and many more driven from their homes in related violence. Testimony from eye-witnesses and victims from across Zimbabwe as well as internal party documents show that violence and intimidation are being used to try to guarantee the re-election of Robert Mugabe against the challenger, Morgan Tsvangirai of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), on 27 June.

The documents suggest that the Joint Operations Command (JOC) is now running logistics and operations. The JOC is made up of the heads of the military and state security organizations.

Another document lays out the party’s tactics, including the use of scarce food supplies as a political weapon. “Basic commodities should be sold from either people’s shops or pro-Zanu-PF shops,” it says. “Emphasis should be in party strongholds.”

What more do we need to understand that Mugabe is running one of the worst dictatorships Africa ever met and he has to go now! Soon is just …not soon enough!


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