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Swiss say no to new citizenship rule

Voters in Switzerland have rejected a move to make it even harder for foreigners to obtain citizenship.

In a referendum, they voted 64% against a bid to revive the practice of approving citizenship candidates by secret ballot and scrapping appeals. Secret ballots were outlawed five years ago by the Supreme Court, which judged them to be discriminatory.

Switzerland has one of Europe’s highest numbers of foreign-born residents – more than 20%. Many Swiss said not allowing voters to have the final say on who became a citizen violated the country’s system of direct democracy. However, opponents of Sunday’s poll, which was called by the nationalist Swiss People’s Party, suspect the real agenda behind it was not Swiss democracy, but how best to keep certain groups out of Switzerland, our correspondent adds.

The people can always sense when the motives are racist and fascist and their answer justifies the fact!

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S. Asia ‘focus for al-Qaeda fight

Washington has pinpointed the frontier areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan as the most pressing central point in which to win the war on terror.

Michael Chertoff, the US secretary for homeland security, said that successes against al-Qaeda should not lead to a weakening of resolve. He warned that militants in Pakistan were training recruits who could mix inconspicuously in Western society.

He questioned whether Pakistan’s rulers had the right strategy to respond. Mr. Chertoff said the US had succeeded in pushing back al-Qaeda in Iraq and argued that Muslims in Iraq were now reacting against indiscriminate militant violence. But he warned that: “If we lose our resolution, we could find ourselves actually losing ground.”

Perhaps they should start thinking if Musharraf is an ally or a foe!

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FYROM goes to critical polls

FYROM is holding a snap general election called after Greece vetoed the ex-Yugoslav republic’s attempt to join NATO because of its name and with the fear of the Albanians.

Macedonia is the name of a Greek region and history resents a perceived and based on lies attempt to claim the heritage of Philip of Macedon and Alexander the Great. The country’s ruling coalition is also divided over recognizing Kosovo as an independent state.

Around a quarter of the population are ethnic Albanians like most of Kosovo. The centre-right coalition also wants to speed up reforms. Sunday’s vote could determine whether FYROM joins both NATO and the European Union, most of which did recognize Kosovo when it declared independence in February.

About time to leave all the hysterical past and try to work in a better future because FYROM has no time to spare and only one chance to prove that it is a modern democratic state!

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Hezbollah spy to Lebanon

An Israeli citizen convicted of spying for Hezbollah in 2002 has been deported to Lebanon.

There are rumors that the release of Nasim Nisr could be part of a prisoner swap between Israel and Lebanon. Mr. Nisr was born in Lebanon to a Jewish mother and a Shia Muslim father. He left the country in 1982 and became an Israeli citizen.

When his jail sentence ended a month ago, Israel opted to revoke his citizenship and deport him to Lebanon. Mr. Nisr was driven to the border crossing near Lebanon’s southern town of Naqoura in an unmarked white jeep and handed over to the International Committee of the Red Cross.

The wall moved from Berlin to the Middle East and unfortunate Lebanon always in the middle!

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Ovi today

Green World, Many Dreams by Vieno Vehko
In September 1979, Zhang Changlin accidentally forgot to shut off a flow valve before leaving work; consequently, 150 tons of wastewater, 30 percent of which was liquid sodium cyanide, poured into the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal overnight.

The next crime of the Myanmar junta by Thanos Kalamidas
If anything could get worse in Burma, it just did; in the middle of a cyclone, literally and metaphorically, they announced that they are going to extend the pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s house arrest!

Figures: Dance Festival in Helsinki by The Ovi Team
Helsinki’s STOA hosts ‘Figures’, an international dance festival featuring hip-hop, jazz, funkstyles, musical ballet, Bboying and more.

“Marine Mentality” by Jan Sand
“Happiness is sharing a bowl of cherries and a book of poetry with a shade tree. He doesn’t eat much and doesn’t read much, but listens well and is a most gracious host.” – Astrid Alaud

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