The Ovi magazine today

Where Reality Fears to Tread: Art and Obscenity in Oz by Binoy Kampmark
Art exhibitions can be a hazardous business, especially in Australia. Australia was, at one time, banning more art and literature coming in than going out. The only thing the authorities did not do was burn books and slice canvasses.

Weird and Wonderful Cannes by Vesa Kuosmanen
As a film student I was all excited when arriving in the 61st Festival de Cannes. I eagerly went to get my Cannes badge. Feeling almost famous myself, nothing like the ‘normal people’ on the other side of the fences.

How Bizarre! by Thanos Kalamidas
Browsing the news daily we often miss these little bits of news at the bottom of the page. They are often funny, sometimes weird, and they give us a new perspective on life, so here’s the first of a new column series: How Bizarre!

“Those Mototi Days” by Emmanuel Sigauke
“Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood.” – T.S. Eliot


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