Ford in Mexico

US giant Ford is to invest $3bn in a new car plant in Mexico, the biggest investment in the country’s manufacturing sector.

The move is a blow to American car workers who had hoped the factory would be built in the United States. Ford has lost more than $15bn over the past two years and says the new facility is crucial to its future. Mexican President Felipe Calderon hailed the announcement as a “turning point” for his country.

The new factory, and other changes to Ford’s Mexican operations, are likely to create an estimated 4,500 jobs in Mexico, where car workers earn substantially less than their American counterparts. Mr. Calderon made the announcement with Ford president Alan Mullaly at the presidential compound in Mexico City on Friday.

“We want Mexico to be an automotive country, one that is competitive and with the most advantages so that the worldwide automotive industry will establish itself here,” Mr. Calderon said. Mr. Mullaly said: “We are convinced the geographic location as well as Mexico’s highly qualified labor force and economic stability make this decision the right one for our business.”

This might take Mexicans away from drugs and violence a phenomenon that increases worryingly!

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