Organized crime on the rise in Finland

Crimes committed in Finland by professional gangs from Eastern Europe are on the increase. The upswing in crime stems from the expansion of the passport-free Schengen area last year.

The National Bureau of Investigation says this type of crime poses a considerable threat to Finland. The free movement of people between the 24 countries of the Schengen area within the EU has opened the door to professional criminals.

Tuija Hietaniemi, Special Investigator from the National Bureau of Investigation told YLE TV News that international co-operation must be improved. A quick response to crime was of the essence, she noted. Retailers say forged notes, currency exchange fraud and professional shop lifting are all on the rise. They want further action by the police to prevent such crime and quicker co-operation between stores to stop the perpetrators in their tracks.

So typical, blame it on the foreigners. I have seen it happen so often that it gets boring and they do something about the foreigners but crime doesn’t want to …rise and when they realize that crime is not imported it’s just …too late!


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