Nepal touches democracy

Nepal is due to become a republic and end 240 years of royal rule. A newly-elected assembly is to meet in the capital, Kathmandu, with the tasks of abolishing the monarchy and preparing a new national constitution.

As the assembly was being sworn in on Tuesday a bomb explosion in the capital injured two people. Meanwhile thousands of people gathered on the streets of the city and near the assembly to celebrate “republic day” and press for abolition.

“Let’s celebrate the dawn of a republic in a grand manner,” said one loudspeaker. The assembly is huge and the ceremony, performed by an older member of the newly-elected body, saw 575 men and women being sworn in.

Many wore traditional clothing and used their mother tongues for the occasion in this ethnically mixed country. Just 26 more members have yet to be nominated by the biggest parties.

Democracy really knocks the door of Asia, Burma’s turn!


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