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Organized crime on the rise in Finland

Crimes committed in Finland by professional gangs from Eastern Europe are on the increase. The upswing in crime stems from the expansion of the passport-free Schengen area last year.

The National Bureau of Investigation says this type of crime poses a considerable threat to Finland. The free movement of people between the 24 countries of the Schengen area within the EU has opened the door to professional criminals.

Tuija Hietaniemi, Special Investigator from the National Bureau of Investigation told YLE TV News that international co-operation must be improved. A quick response to crime was of the essence, she noted. Retailers say forged notes, currency exchange fraud and professional shop lifting are all on the rise. They want further action by the police to prevent such crime and quicker co-operation between stores to stop the perpetrators in their tracks.

So typical, blame it on the foreigners. I have seen it happen so often that it gets boring and they do something about the foreigners but crime doesn’t want to …rise and when they realize that crime is not imported it’s just …too late!

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Spain twins sue over birth mix-up

Spanish twins separated at birth 35 years ago through a hospital mix-up are suing the authorities.

The two women, who had been brought up in different families, were re-united by chance in 2001. They were born in a hospital in the Canary Islands, where one of them was swapped by mistake with another baby.

All three women are suing the islands’ government. A lawyer for one of the twins said she was seeking nearly 3.3m Euros in damages. “It does not take a lot of effort to put you in the position of any of these people to understand the damage that has been done,” said lawyer Socorro Perdomo.

He said that of the three people most directly affected, his client had suffered the most. “The first right of any child is the right to their own personal and family identity,” he said.

This is when Hollywood films come reality and there are plenty of those!

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South Africa and refugee camps

South Africa is to set up seven refugee camps around the country for foreign migrant workers who have fled a recent wave of anti-immigrant violence.

The holding camps will take up to 70,000 people from the increasingly unsanitary conditions at temporary shelters put up around state buildings. The government decision comes despite strong advice from respected international aid agencies.

They say South Africa does not have the expertise necessary to run the camps. Medecins Sans Frontiers (MSF), the medical charity, says conditions for people seeking refuge in the existing shelters are worsening.

This is embarrassing for a country that has suffered for so long and so much in camps!

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Failing on human rights

World leaders are failing to tackle human rights abuses around the globe, Amnesty International says.

In an annual report, the group says people are still being tortured or ill-treated in at least 81 countries. In at least 54 states they face unfair trial and cannot speak freely in at least 77 nations, the group adds.

It says world leaders should apologies for 60 years of human rights failures since the UN adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. The group also challenges them “to re-commit themselves to deliver concrete improvements”.

And every day we fail more and more and become more painful!

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Nepal touches democracy

Nepal is due to become a republic and end 240 years of royal rule. A newly-elected assembly is to meet in the capital, Kathmandu, with the tasks of abolishing the monarchy and preparing a new national constitution.

As the assembly was being sworn in on Tuesday a bomb explosion in the capital injured two people. Meanwhile thousands of people gathered on the streets of the city and near the assembly to celebrate “republic day” and press for abolition.

“Let’s celebrate the dawn of a republic in a grand manner,” said one loudspeaker. The assembly is huge and the ceremony, performed by an older member of the newly-elected body, saw 575 men and women being sworn in.

Many wore traditional clothing and used their mother tongues for the occasion in this ethnically mixed country. Just 26 more members have yet to be nominated by the biggest parties.

Democracy really knocks the door of Asia, Burma’s turn!

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The Ovi today

Delusion 18:18 by Akli Hadid
On October 12, 2005, at 18:18, an idea had popped into my mind. I was restless. I immediately wrote it down on my computer. I thought I had invented the magic formula, the theory of theories, the greatest invention and thought of all time.

Talking to the deaf by Thanos Kalamidas
It has been a long time since I wrote anything about Iran and that’s not because we are lacking news from Teheran or quotes from its president but because the man so often crosses the line so much that I’m speechless.

Spanish report by Euro Reporter
Euro Reporter goes in search of a siesta following his hard work in Spain…

“our march in time” by Bohdan Yuri
“The poet sees things as they look. Is this having a faculty the less? or a sense the more?” – Augustus William Hare and Julius Charles Hare

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