The Ovi magazine today

Castles in the Air by Valerie Sartor
As of May 1, 2008 stricter anti-smoking regulations went into effect around Beijing in accordance with international treaties that guarantee a smoke-free Olympics. But is it truly so?

A neighbourhood called earth! by Thanos Kalamidas
I never understood why Africa, this beautiful and big continent, always seems so far away to all of us, sometimes I have the feeling that Africa is a different planet.

Escaping Forwards by Gush Shalom
The separation, which was carried out without any dialogue with the Palestinians, has turned the whole of the Gaza Strip into a ticking bomb, and now Ehud Olmert has to negotiate a cease-fire. For Sharon, though, the entire exercise was a success.

UE – Le quadrige des fées by Newropeans-Magazine
Si j’entends bien les médias il y a unanimité pour aller chercher la croissance qui nous manque, et investir massivement dans la recherche et dans la formation pour rentrer enfin dans la culture de l’innovation et répondre ainsi aux

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