The Ovi today

The dark side of the moon: Confession of a househusband by Alexander Mikhaylov
I feel genuinely sorry for my wife who, when being asked this simple question “And what your husband does?” is always struggling with a right answer. The honest reply to such an inquiry would be “Why, he is a househusband.”

“Humphry” by Jan Sand
“Poetry, like the moon, does not advertise anything.” – William Blissett

iBite by Asa Butcher
iBite is a snappy selection of news from around the world accompanied by a cynical, albeit humourous, comment.

Jarmo Kukkonen’s “Timescapes – Aika maisemassa” by Otso Kantokorpi
Jarmo Kukkonen on tullut tunnetuksi meditatiivisen mielenmaiseman maalarina.


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