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Trash …news from Italy

Tensions remained high Saturday after a night of clashes between police and protesters furious at Italian government plans to dump mountains of uncollected trash from Naples in their towns.

Police in riot gear watched but did not intervene Saturday when a protester threw what appeared to be a firebomb near the town of Chiaiano, a suburb of Naples. Demonstrators also hurled cans and other garbage at police.

The site near Chiaiano is one of 10 selected by Premier Silvio Berlusconi’s new government to receive some of the tons of stinking garbage piled up in Naples and surrounding areas. Police and protesters clashed overnight after authorities tried to move an empty bus that demonstrators used to block a road leading to the planned dump site.

From the minute Berlusconi won the elections I was sure that the Italians will constantly have to deal with …rubbish!!!


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Quake toll 60,000

China’s Premier Wen Jiabao Saturday gave U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon a dramatic look at damage caused by the massive quake that hit Sichuan province earlier this month as the death toll from the catastrophe jumped past 60,000.

A strong aftershock shook the town of Yingxiu, a small town near the epicenter of May 12’s 7.9 magnitude quake, as Wen and Ban toured the area. “The world will not forget,” Ban told Wen, who appealed the U.N. chief to help raise international aid for the region.

There are too many things this world will not forget Mr. Ban and one of them is you incapability to achieve anything and help anyone!

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Sorry for Kennedy remark

US presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has apologized for remarks about Robert Kennedy‘s 1968 assassination as she defended her continuing nomination bid.

Senator Clinton said she had been attempting to point out that previous campaigns had also continued into June. Democrat Robert Kennedy was running for his party’s presidential nomination when he was shot dead in June 1968.

A spokesman for rival Democrat hopeful Barack Obama, whose safety has been an unspoken issue, criticized the remark. Spokesman Bill Burton called the comments “unfortunate” and said they had “no place in this campaign”.

You have to admit that the woman doesn’t matter how good she is or how good president she will make; she’s a …bitch!!!

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Indonesia pushes up fuel prices

The Indonesian government has raised fuel prices by nearly 30%, prompting fears of widespread unrest.

Several hundred students protested against the move, clashing with police at Jakarta’s national university. More than 100 people were arrested. The government is struggling to meet the cost of fuel subsidies as global oil prices escalate.

But it has put into effect a cash handout scheme worth $1.5bn to try to cushion the effect for the most needy. Malaysia is also considering overhauling its subsidy system, and Taiwan has decided to end a freeze on petrol prices in June.

They don’t have enough rice and now they will lose the oil?

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Democracy returns to Zimbabwe

Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has said he will win Zimbabwe‘s 27 June run-off presidential poll, as he returned to Harare after weeks abroad.

The Movement for Democratic Change leader accused the ruling Zanu-PF party of seeking to “decimate” opposition structures ahead of the vote. His first engagement was to visit supporters hurt in political violence.

Mr. Tsvangirai’s return was delayed amid an alleged army plot to kill him, which the ruling party said was “fantasy”. Polls on 29 March saw the country’s veteran leader, Robert Mugabe; lose his parliamentary majority for the first time in two decades in power.

Its only days remaining for Mugabe to follow the road that leads to his …cell!!!

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