The Ovi magazine today

Born to be Wild by Valerie Sartor
John Hare is the only person in the last 50years to obtain permission to enter a desolate area in Chinese Xin Jiang, and one evening in early May he presented an update on his camel preservation work for the Wild Camel Protection Foundation.

Le contenu de la télévision de nos jours by Dimitra Karantzeni
Pour commencer, l’opinion qui fait l’unanimité est que la télé est une révolution vraie dans les technologies découvertes du XX siècle.

“fallen faces” by Bohdan Yuri
“A poet’s autobiography is his poetry. Anything else is just a footnote.” – Yevgeny Yentushenko

Life Undercover #76 by Thanos K & Asa B
It is time to change the sheets… our inquisitive duvet-loving hero has some female company now asking the great questions of life, religion and the universe.

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