The Ovi magazine today

Number 3000 by Asa Butcher
It took our Ovi team 281 days to move from 1,000 articles to 2,000, so it is with great glee I announce that we have managed to jump from 2,000 to 3,000 in 264 days. Shall I pause for applause? Nah…

Jane of Thought: Mother’s Day, yeah baby! by Jane Eagle
Today it’s Mother’s Day, so come on, go and send flowers, kisses and lots of Hallmark Cards for the amazing creature that brought the amazing you into life and taught you how to walk and speak – she didn’t teach you how to dance though, hmmm tough.

9/11’s Great What If?! by Leah Sellers
September 11, 2001. The World Trade Center and thousands of lives in and around that national symbol of American/Global wealth, might and power, are destroyed, desecrated by judgmental, hate-filled religious and political fervor from without and within.

How Bizarre! by Thanos Kalamidas
Browsing the news daily we often miss these little bits of news at the bottom of the page. They are often funny, sometimes weird, and they give us a new perspective on life, so here’s the first of a new column series: How Bizarre!


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