Hezbollah in west Beirut

Gunmen from Shia militant group Hezbollah have taken control of most of western Beirut, driving out supporters of the pro-Western government.

The gunmen, loyal to Hezbollah and its Shia opposition allies also forced the closure of pro-government media. The fighting was sparked by a government move on Monday to shut down Hezbollah’s telecoms network. At least 11 people, mainly civilians, have been killed and dozens injured in the city in three days of clashes.

Media offices owned by Saad Hariri, a leader of the pro-Western governing coalition, were evacuated and shut on Friday after being attacked by militants loyal to Hezbollah. The UN Security Council has urged the rival parties to stop fighting amid fears of civil war breaking out. Lebanon was plunged into civil war between a 1975-90, drawing in Syria and Israel, the two regional powers. Analysts say the key to avoiding such a conflict this time may be the neutrality of the army, and its

How can you have …neutrality of anybody while innocent people are getting killed?

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