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Militias to ‘rape’ Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe‘s “war veterans” militia plan to intimidate voters by posing as police officers during the presidential run-off.

He said they would be based inside polling stations during the vote, whose date has not yet been fixed. The report came as South Africa’s President Thabo Mbeki, the lead Zimbabwe negotiator, prepared to hold talks with Robert Mugabe in Harare.

Mr. Mbeki has previously played down talk of a crisis in Zimbabwe. The opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) says its supporters are being systematically targeted by the “war veterans” and other supporters of President Mugabe ahead of the run-off.

Mugabe is using everything to stay in power but now he is against the world!

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Austria’s Fritzl custody

The Austrian man accused of imprisoning his daughter in a cellar for 24 years and fathering seven children with her is to appear before a judge.

The judge in the town of St Poelten is expected to decide whether Josef Fritzl should remain in custody while police investigations continue. Mr. Fritzl has said he was driven by an addiction that “got out of control”.

Speaking through his lawyer, he said he had locked up his daughter Elisabeth to protect her from the outside world. The statement was carried by the Austrian magazine News. Mr. Fritzl has been in detention in St Poelten, capital of Lower Austria province, since his arrest at the end of April.

He was originally remanded in custody for 14 days. Over the past few days, police have been questioning dozens of people who had connections with Josef Fritzl and his family. And they have been searching the cellar dungeon inch by inch.

Are they going to take him out of the cell and hold him in the cellar of his own house? That they even talk about it proves that justice is really blind!

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Hezbollah in west Beirut

Gunmen from Shia militant group Hezbollah have taken control of most of western Beirut, driving out supporters of the pro-Western government.

The gunmen, loyal to Hezbollah and its Shia opposition allies also forced the closure of pro-government media. The fighting was sparked by a government move on Monday to shut down Hezbollah’s telecoms network. At least 11 people, mainly civilians, have been killed and dozens injured in the city in three days of clashes.

Media offices owned by Saad Hariri, a leader of the pro-Western governing coalition, were evacuated and shut on Friday after being attacked by militants loyal to Hezbollah. The UN Security Council has urged the rival parties to stop fighting amid fears of civil war breaking out. Lebanon was plunged into civil war between a 1975-90, drawing in Syria and Israel, the two regional powers. Analysts say the key to avoiding such a conflict this time may be the neutrality of the army, and its

How can you have …neutrality of anybody while innocent people are getting killed?

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The Ovi magazine today

Kosovo’s cannibalism by Thanos Kalamidas
In a civil war, like the one that happened in the former Yugoslavia, there are good guys and bad guys, since the truth is that there were a lot of times I felt very lonely or that due to my origins I was blamed to support only one side.

Why the Poor Stay Hungry by Rene Wadlow
As the United Nations Secretary-General said on 29 April 2008 at the end of a high-level meeting of UN Agencies in Bern, Switzerland devoted to the world food crisis “The food crisis threatens to undo all our good work.”

Relocation of Rohingyas in a Deserted Island in Thailand by Rohingya Human Rights
In 1852, the government of the French Emperor Napoleon III opened a penitentiary island known as “Devil’s Island” which was used for the settlement of convicts ranging from political prisoners to the most hardened of thieves and murderers.

EU’s Regional Policy and Kurdish Question by Europe & Us
The Republic of Turkey has a credibility problem regarding solutions to the Kurdish question. Accepting Kurds as interlocutors seems difficult for those ruling elites whether they are old-style Kemalists or new-fashion Islamists.

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