The dictators screw Burma disappointing even UN

The UN says it is extremely disappointed at the slow progress made in securing access to victims of last weekend’s cyclone in Burma.

Humanitarian chief John Holmes told reporters that Burma’s response was “nothing like as much as is needed”. In addition to at least 23,000 people who died in the storm and tidal surge, 1.5 million are at risk, he said. Some supplies have been allowed into Burma but many more tones of aid, and dozens of foreign staff, have not.

To disappoint Ki-moon needs a lot of effect and proves how dangerous the dictators of Burma are!


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One response to “The dictators screw Burma disappointing even UN

  1. ken in sacramento

    Even the slow response by the US, to Katrina doesn’t compare to the military and so called governments response to the tragedy that has befallen BURMA. Stealing relief supplies for the people is an outrage! After this, the people of BURMA should cry for change. Maybe, just maybe it will happen. And if Google is soliciting money on behalf of the people of BURMA? Please for god sake, DO NOT HAND IT TO THE MILITARY!

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