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Russia expels US embassy staff

Russia has ordered the expulsion of two military attaches from the American embassy in Moscow, US officials say.

The US state department said it would comply with the order although it objected to it. Two Russians have been expelled from Washington in recent months, one in November and the second on 22 April. The news comes as Russia conducts a transition of power with Vladimir Putin becoming prime minister and Dmitry Medvedev president.

The cold war continues!

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The dictators screw Burma disappointing even UN

The UN says it is extremely disappointed at the slow progress made in securing access to victims of last weekend’s cyclone in Burma.

Humanitarian chief John Holmes told reporters that Burma’s response was “nothing like as much as is needed”. In addition to at least 23,000 people who died in the storm and tidal surge, 1.5 million are at risk, he said. Some supplies have been allowed into Burma but many more tones of aid, and dozens of foreign staff, have not.

To disappoint Ki-moon needs a lot of effect and proves how dangerous the dictators of Burma are!

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Argentina’s farm protests

Farmers in Argentina say they will resume protests against tax increases on food exports, following the collapse of talks with the government.

Farm leaders say they plan to prevent shipments of grain from leaving. Argentina is one of the world’s top exporters of corn, wheat, soya and beef. Correspondents say a prolonged dispute could have an impact on international markets at a time when food prices are already at record levels.

The farmers are particularly angry about an increase to the export tax on soya – a commodity which last year earned the country $13bn. In March protesting farmers blocked roads for three weeks, preventing trucks from delivering produce, leading to food shortages.

We are going to miss beef and rice for good!

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Mass challenge in Zimbabwe

Half of the results from Zimbabwe‘s parliamentary polls in March have been challenged in court, state media says.

Lawyers say the 105 petitions should not disrupt the work of parliament, but could in the end overturn the opposition’s historic majority. The announcement came as southern African mediators arrived for talks over the presidential run-off impasse.

The opposition might boycott a run-off, saying candidate Morgan Tsvangirai was the rightful winner in the first round. Results published by Zimbabwe’s electoral commission last week gave Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Mr. Tsvangirai more votes than President Robert Mugabe, but not the 50% needed to avoid a run-off.

Mugabe is out he just doesn’t want to accept it, so let’s help him a bit …Mugabe f%$k off!

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A cartoon from Ovi magazine

Ovi magazine Cartoon

For More Lift Spirits HERE!

For more Cartoons HERE!

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Olympic flame at Everest

Chinese climbers bearing the Olympic flame have reached the summit of Everest, the world’s highest mountain.

Chinese television showed the team of climbers, carrying special high-altitude torches, reaching the summit at 0920 local time. Huddled in the snow they unfurled flags and cheered for the cameras. Correspondents say China is hoping the dramatic feat will counter some of the damaging publicity from the protests during the torch’s international relay.

So the Chinese brought the Olympic flame where there is no air, no freedom to move and breath …just like Tibet!

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Hillary to continue campaign

Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton has vowed to continue her campaign despite losing ground in the latest primary contests and her financial problems.

Mrs. Clinton beat rival Barack Obama by just two points in Indiana’s primary, while he won by 14 in North Carolina. The votes were the final major Democratic primaries which help decide the party’s White House candidate. Mrs. Clinton is also facing a funding crisis – she was forced to loan her campaign $6.4m last month.

It’s over and it is time for her to accept it and join Obama hopefully as the vice president for the democrats’ victory!

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