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Medvedev to become the new Russian leader!

Ovi magazine cartoon

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Somalia forces totally out of control

Civilians are completely at the mercy of armed groups in Somalia, says human rights group Amnesty International.

It says the situation is “dire” in the centre and the south with government troops, their Ethiopian allies and Islamist insurgents “out of control”. They carry out killings, torture, rape, beatings, arbitrary detention and forced disappearances, a report says.

The Ethiopian government has dismissed the report as a “total fabrication” and demanded an apology. “We have said repeatedly that our soldiers are the most disciplined soldiers in the world,” said foreign ministry spokesman Wahide Belaye.

“They have never cut anybody’s throat, never gang-raped any women, never deliberately shot civilians in Somalia.” In Mogadishu, hundreds of people have stormed through the Bakara market area, hurling stones at cars and shops and setting fire to tires in protest at rising food prices and fake currency.

Where they ever under control? And what Ki-moon is doing? Probably cruising again or participating in some kind of gala!

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Saddam’s jail journal

An Arab newspaper has published what it says are excerpts from diaries written by the ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein while in captivity.

The extracts printed in Al-Hayat portray a man who never seems to have stopped believing in himself as a historic leader. Al-Hayat said it had obtained extracts from the handwritten memoirs, which the paper said ran to five big volumes. Saddam Hussein was ousted in 2003 and executed three years later.

Thanks he didn’t have internet access otherwise we would have Saddam’s blog!!!

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Medvedev as Putin in the place of Putin

Dmitry Medvedev is to be inaugurated as Russia‘s third president since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

The Kremlin Palace ceremony will begin at midday in front of 2,400 invited guests. For the 42-year-old father of one, the inauguration will cap a sharp ascendance from obscurity.

But while Vladimir Putin is handing over the reins of power, his central role in the ceremony will reflect the part he has to play in Russia’s future. Analysts suggest Mr. Putin, 55, will be a pivotal figure in Mr. Medvedev’s administration after he assumes his new post of prime minister, possibly as early as Thursday.

And what will happen to Putin, where the emperor will be? The puppeteer!!!

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Obama wins N Carolina

Barack Obama has scored a clear win in the Democratic presidential primary in North Carolina, while Hillary Clinton has narrowly won the Indiana primary.

Senator Obama won 56% of the vote in North Carolina, while Senator Clinton won 51% of the vote in Indiana. Both votes were the final major Democratic primaries which help decide the party’s White House candidate.

Neither scored a knock-out blow, but analysts say Mr. Obama’s lead looks increasingly unassailable. A win in Indiana was seen as critical for Mrs. Clinton if she was to stay in the race to stand against Republican John McCain in November’s presidential vote.

About time for those two to find the middle ground and go for McCain instead of each other!

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