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Rice in Mid-East

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is in the Middle East for the latest American attempt to advance an IsraeliPalestinian peace deal.

Shortly after arriving in Jerusalem on Saturday evening, she had talks over dinner with Israeli PM Ehud Olmert. She is due to meet Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak and Palestinian PM Salam Fayyad on Sunday.

She will then go on to the West Bank town of Ramallah to see Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Speaking on the aircraft on her way to the region from London, Ms Rice said that everyone wanted to see things move more quickly, and that was why she kept going back to the Middle East.

She’s taking the circus around and around like she doesn’t want to admit that time is up! Over! It has finished for her and her Washington gang! Then again perhaps she’s building up for …five years after!

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Microsoft away from Yahoo

Software giant Microsoft has dropped its three-month-old bid to buy internet firm Yahoo because the two sides cannot agree on an acceptable sale price.

Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer formally withdrew the offer in a letter to Yahoo chief executive Jerry Yang. Mr. Ballmer said Microsoft had raised its original offer from $44.6bn to $47.5bn – $33 per share.

But he added that Yahoo had insisted on at least $53bn or $37 a share – more than Microsoft was prepared to pay. The software giant had wanted to do a deal to be able to compete with Google, which dominates the lucrative market for internet advertising.

Bill gates must have a sad weekend!!!

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The Ovi magazine today

Democracy, Presidential Election and the Lobby: Part 1 by Dr. Habib Siddiqui
The first in a three-part analysis of democracy, the US presidential election and the Lobby.

Creating barbarians by Thanos Kalamidas
Every time there is something on the news about funny situations between America and the eastern front, I remember an old poem by the Greek poet Kavafis entitled “Waiting for the barbarians”.

Caption This! May 2008 by The Ovi Team
It is simple. Look at this photo of London’s new mayor Boris Johnson and write a caption/speech bubble/thought bubble or anything else that captures your imagination.

Romanian Report by Euro Reporter
Romania has been an EU member since January 1, 2007, it has the ninth largest territory in the EU and has 22 million people, but more importantly it receives another Euro Report today.

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