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Iraq First Lady survives bomb

Iraq‘s First Lady has escaped unhurt after a bomb attack on her motorcade in Baghdad, the office of President Jalal Talabani has said.

His wife, Hiro Ibrahim Ahmed, was travelling to a cultural festival at the National Theatre at the time. Four of her bodyguards were injured in the attack, the office said. Earlier, the US military said that a roadside bomb in Iraq’s mainly Sunni western province of Anbar had killed four US marines.

The attack on the First Lady’s motorcade occurred in the capital’s Karrada district but it is unclear whether she was specifically targeted. The president’s office said: “One of the vehicles of Ms Hiro Ibrahim’s convoy hit an improvised explosive device in the road this morning. She was heading to the National Theatre.”

She was probably watching a western play and the Shia madmen or Iran’s ayatollahs didn’t like it!

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Burma cyclone with 243 dead

A tropical cyclone has killed at least 243 people in Burma and damaged thousands of buildings, according to state television.

Parts of the Irrawaddy region were hit particularly badly, with three out of four buildings blown down in one district. Burma has declared Irrawaddy and four other regions, including the main city Rangoon, to be disaster areas.

Rangoon has been without power and water, its streets full of debris. Winds of about 190km/h (120mph) battered the Irrawaddy, Rangoon, Bago, Karen and Mon regions. Military and police personnel have been carrying out rescue operations Cyclone Nargis has since moved towards Thailand where storm warnings have been issued. However, it appears to be lessening in force.

One of the worst dictatorships in history was not enough with Burma people they have to deal with nature also!

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Afghan opium fear

Legalizing production of opium in Afghanistan for medical use would be unworkable and fuel the drugs industry, a UK Foreign Office minister has said.

Lord Malloch Brown said Afghanistan lacked the infrastructure and resources to control crops. Legalizing crops could drive up prices and lead more farmers to grow opium, he told the British Medical Journal.

Doctors have suggested the opium, which contains morphine, could help plug NHS shortfalls of pain relief drugs. Diamorphine, also known as heroin, is used to relieve pain after operations and for the terminally ill, but in recent years doctors have reported supply problems.

The British Medical Association and some Tories have suggested in the past that Afghan crops could be used to help boost supplies, arguing this would help meet demand and provide much-needed income for Afghans.

Smoke the world! That’s all missing!

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Hezbollah airport spying

A fierce political row has broken out in Lebanon over claims that the radical Shia movement, Hezbollah, secretly filmed aircraft at Beirut‘s airport.

Heads of the Western-backed government accused Hezbollah of preparing for some kind of terrorist attack. Hezbollah dismissed the accusations as scare mongering. The exchanges reflect the divisions that have paralysed Lebanon for eight months and left the country without a president for much of that time.

Is the never ending story!

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Turkey kills 150 Kurdish

Turkish air strikes in northern Iraq this week left more than 150 Kurdish rebels dead, the Turkish army says.

“According to initial estimates, this operation allowed us to neutralize more than 150 terrorists,” the army said in a statement on its website. A PKK spokesman said that only six rebels were killed and they were from a different faction.

Turkey has staged several cross-border raids into northern Iraq over the past few months in pursuit of the rebels. The strikes, which began on Thursday and ended on Friday, were carried out against PKK guerrillas based in the Qandil Mountains in northern Iraq, the Turkish army says.

All targeted posts in Qandil area were destroyed during the operation, according to the Turkish army’s statement. But a PKK spokesman, Ahmed Danees, told the Reuters news agency only six rebels died and they were from a faction fighting against Iran.

Turkey is building up more genocide! It was the Armenian now it is the Kurds!!! Who knows how many innocent have died from the Turkish bombs and shootings the last years from innocent Kurds who only ask for their freedom?


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