The Ovi magazine today

London, the Mayoral Race and Boris by Binoy Kampmark
With a degree of desperation, The Guardian newspaper rolled out its arsenal to compel voters in London not to vote for the conservative candidate Boris Johnson, the bumbling, error-prone Etonian

Beauty or the beast: Notes on glorified anorexia by Alexander Mikhaylov
You know what? I think there is something wrong with my head. I came to this poignant conclusion when I realized that…¦ Well, come on! Let us say it aloud, like a brave guy: I DO NOT LIKE THIN WOMEN!

Jari Martikainen: Vol. 3 by Jari Martikainen
Finnish aircraft mechanic Jari Martikainen offers a third selection of his photography.

Escape of People of Burma through the Tunnels of Death by Rohingya Human Rights
On April 10, 2008, fifty-four Burmese migrants suffocated to death in a cold storage container while being smuggled to Thailand to escape appalling conditions in Burma.


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