Austrian sex captor

Austrian police are continuing to question an elderly man who admitted holding his daughter in a cellar for 24 years and fathering her seven children.

Police said Josef Fritzl also admitted burning the body of a baby who died at the house in Amstetten, Lower Austria. Mr. Fritzl, 73, remains in custody. His daughter, now 42, and her six surviving children have been taken into care.

A lawyer for the victims said the case showed no sign of institutional failure on behalf of the Austrian authorities. “Up until now there is no sign that there was any mistake by officials,” the lawyer, Christoph Herbst, was quoted as saying by the Austrian Press Agency (APA).

“If there had been such a mistake we would obviously have to talk about it.” However, Austrian media are questioning how such grave crimes went undetected for so long.

Definitely there is something wrong with the Austrian society but I have the sense that there is something wrong with all the societies as well. Would any of us understand if there was something like that in our neighborhood? Most of us have no idea who lives next door!

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