Ovi magazine today

Nunobark #2 by Nunobark
Nunobark is a Lisbon-based illustrator, artist, graphic designer… and proud father. He was the founder of several fanzines, maintains the Public Secret Blog. Here is a second selection of his work.

24-hour Ovi Bookshop by The Ovi Team
Without those hard- and paper-backed offerings, bookshops just wouldn’t exist… or would they? Thanks to the ingenuity of the Ovi team, you can download e-books from our online bookshop.

“The Castaway” by Jan Sand
“Poetry is thoughts that breathe, and words that burn.” – Thomas Gray

Murder, Mania & Misogyny by The Finn-Brit Players
The Finn-Brit Players’ Drama Incubator is hatching its first three chicks this spring…

Are there “many paths” to God? by Jack Wellman
In recently watching Oprah claim that there are many ways to God and not just one, she is in effect saying that there are many paths that lead to God, and that there is more than one way to salvation.

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