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Pakistan militant calls truce

A top Taleban commander in Pakistan has ordered his followers to stop all attacks in the country.

Baitullah Mehsud is the man the Pakistani authorities say ordered the killing of Benazir Bhutto. Pamphlets containing his order appeared in tribal areas along the Afghan border. Mehsud said anyone found violating the order would be punished.

Pakistan’s new government has said it will deal with Islamic militancy through dialogue and development. On Monday night the authorities set free Maulana Sufi Mohammad, the founder of an outlawed Islamist group that has fought in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

He was released under an agreement to renounce violence and help restore peace in the north-west valley of Swat. The release has been welcomed by Pakistani Taleban.

What’s next? Bin Laden apologizing for the 9-11!

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Tsvangirai was the clear victor in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai was the “clear” victor of last month’s poll, a top US envoy says.

Jendayi Frazer was speaking in South Africa, at the start of a tour to lobby Zimbabwe’s neighbors to put pressure on President Robert Mugabe. The results of the presidential election have not been released. Mr. Tsvangirai says he won outright but the ruling party has said no candidate gained 50% of the vote, so a run-off will be needed.

The opposition says its supporters are being attacked ahead of the run-off – claims denied by the government. Earlier, the leaders of the Anglican Church called for international action to prevent violence in Zimbabwe reaching “horrific levels”. Meanwhile, a Chinese foreign ministry official said a ship carrying weapons to Zimbabwe might return to China.

It looks like Mugabe is in deep s%%t and everybody sees that he lost for good, he and his murderers gang are the only ones who cannot see reality but …is getting closer!

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US reassure Georgia over Russia

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has assured Georgia that the US is firmly committed to supporting the country’s sovereignty.

Georgia says Russian moves to forge closer ties with two of its breakaway regions threaten its sovereignty. The row between the two neighbors will be discussed at a closed-door session of the UN Security Council.

After meeting Georgia’s foreign minister, Ms Rice said the US was “very concerned” by Russia’s actions. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision last week to order closer links between Russia and Georgia’s two breakaway regions – Abkhazia and South Ossetia – prompted outrage in Tbilisi.

This US administration never learns, support another dictatorship for just one reason, to be against Russia which apparently is not the enemy anymore!!! Amazing but with Saddam they did exactly the same!!!

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Today’s Ovi magazine

2008 Terrorism World Championship: Winter by Akli Hadid

Spring has just started, and though this winter was cold on most of the northern hemisphere, terrorists were on fire.

Hollywood’s Big Top by Asa Butcher
1950’s US politics and my own personal disappointment aside, let’s take a look at ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’, the film that did win the coveted Best Picture award.

The left is scared to hell by the left by Europe & Us
This week-end, on of the smallest German Bundesländer, Hamburg, voted and the results are stunning.

Life Undercover #74 by Thanos K & Asa B
It is time to change the sheets… our inquisitive duvet-loving hero has some female company now asking the great questions of life, religion and the universe.

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Gaza fuel embargo blocks UN aid

The United Nations says that it is being forced to suspend its humanitarian work in Gaza because of the Israeli fuel blockade.

A UN official says food aid to 650,000 refugees and the collection of sewage will have to stop on Thursday if Israel does not allow in more vehicle fuel. The UN Security Council met to discuss the crisis, but Western representatives walked out over comments from Libya.

They objected to the Libyan delegate likening Gaza to a Nazi death camp. Among the diplomats to the leave the UN chamber in New York were representatives of the United States, Britain, France and Belgium. The remarks comparing the situation in Gaza to the Nazi Holocaust of World War II were made by the Libyan ambassador to the UN, Giadalla Ettalhi.

What comment can you do to something like that when the only ones to pay are the innocent and the families!

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