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Georgia ex-minister granted asylum

A Georgian former defense minister convicted of extortion in his home country has been granted asylum in France, his lawyer has said.

Irakli Okruashvili, a prominent critic of the Georgian president, insists the charges were politically motivated. His lawyer said France had been “receptive” to his appeal for political asylum in the country. Okruashvili, dismissed from office in 2006, was sentenced in absentia in Georgia to 11 years in prison in March.

Let me see, Georgia is a candidate country for the NATO? So we had FYROM and Georgia two …democracies for a militarist union, somehow you feel grateful there is the veto!

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First results in Zimbabwe recount

The results of the first recounts in Zimbabwe’s parliamentary elections are in, with the ruling and opposition parties retaining one seat each.

The ruling Zanu-PF party held its seat in Goromonzi West, while the opposition MDC held on to Zaka West, the Zimbabwe Election Commission said. The MDC says the recounts are an attempt to rig the election and overturn its parliamentary majority.

Meanwhile, the UK says it will press for an arms embargo on Zimbabwe. Prime Minister Gordon Brown said he would propose the international embargo to prevent a shipment of weapons from reaching the country.

And how many years this recount going to last? Mugabe, Africa’s caricature Hitler forever!!!

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Petraeus for Central Command

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates has recommended the top military commander in Iraq, General David Petraeus, be appointed head of US Central Command.

CentCom covers an area from the Horn of Africa into central Asia and includes all operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Gen Petraeus’s appointment is subject to the approval of the US Senate. He would replace Navy Adm William Fallon, who stepped down in March after a reported split with President George W Bush over his policy on Iran. An article by Esquire magazine, titled The Man Between War and Peace, said he was opposed to the use of force against the Islamic Republic over its nuclear activities.

After saying that everything is normal as usual in Iraq, now he’s going to get the central command?

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Clinton to take on McCain

Hillary Clinton says she is the best placed candidate for the Democrats to beat Republican John McCain when it comes to the US presidential elections.

She says her win over Barack Obama in the Pennsylvania primary showed she could gather a broad base of support. She cannot match him in popular votes, but the party’s super-delegates could give her the nomination if they think she is more likely to beat Mr. McCain.

Mrs. Clinton says an appeal launched after Tuesday’s win raised $3m (£1.5m). The internet fundraising is a much-needed boost to her debt-laden campaign – in Pennsylvania; Mr. Obama outspent her three-to-one. She has said securing more donations was the only way she could continue to compete with a rival who was outspending her “massively”.

Why it all ends on how much money they got? Is something that should make us worry about it?

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Ovi magazine, today

Faith Swapping: Religion in America by Binoy Kampmark
An incoming board member of the conservative Heritage Foundation, William E Simon Jr., the United States of 2000 was confused about answering a key question: ‘Does America really need religion?’

Buy George by Asa Butcher
Today is St. George’s Day. I doubt you have anything special planned. There’ll be no joyous parades through our towns, there’ll be no flags flying and the kids will still have to go to school, so what’s the big deal?

50 Bucks: Bring On the Sluts by Sarah Beetson
I was overwhelmed by the Japanese vending machine culture – whereby one can purchase almost anything – from beer to bedroom slippers; a microwave dinner to a pair of used panties – from a handy vending machine.

“john doe smith” by Bohdan Yuri
“Poetry is life distilled.” – Gwendolyn Brooks

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