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Hillary’s talk on Iran

Hillary Clinton has issued a stark warning to Iran, as Democrats in Pennsylvania vote to choose between her and Barack Obama to run for president.

She said the US would attack, and could “obliterate” Iran, if it launched a nuclear strike on Israel. Mrs. Clinton has been playing up foreign affairs and leadership as she tries to make up ground in the Democratic race.

She leads polls in Pennsylvania, the largest remaining state, but analysts say her hopes depend on a big victory. A Zogby survey released on Tuesday showed Mrs. Clinton leading Mr. Obama by 10%, while an Insider Advantage poll had her 7% ahead.

Now the mullahs of Iran can sleep quiet, whoever is the president they are …screwed!

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Russia jails US pastor

A Moscow court has sentenced a US pastor to more than three years in jail for illegally importing hunting rifle ammunition into Russia.

Phillip Miles, from South Carolina, was arrested on 3 February at the home of a friend in the Urals city of Perm. The sentence – three years and two months – takes account of the time he has already spent in custody.

Pastor Miles said he had brought the bullets to Russia as a gift for his friend, a fellow pastor. Pastor Miles described the sentence as “severe” and his lawyer is planning an appeal.

What, he was looking if there are any communists left in Russia!!!

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Final push in Pennsylvania

US presidential contenders Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have spent a final day of campaigning ahead of the Democratic primary in Pennsylvania.

The state is a crucial test in what has become an increasingly bitter battle for the Democratic nomination. While Mrs. Clinton is expected to win, analysts say she needs a convincing victory to keep her campaign alive.

The last-minute campaigning has been marked by a row about Mrs. Clinton’s latest campaign advert. There are four million registered Democrats in Pennsylvania, the last of the big states to hold a primary. Although Mrs. Clinton is behind in the delegate count and in the total votes cast, she has won all the other big state contests.

Let’s see, will they decide after this to united and fight the common enemy instead of each other?

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Warning on biofuels and food

Two Latin American leaders have issued warnings about the effects of biofuel
production on food supplies.

Speaking at the UN in New York, Bolivian President Evo Morales said the development of biofuels harmed the world’s most impoverished people. And President Alan Garcia of Peru said using land for biofuels was putting food out of reach for the poor.

Meanwhile UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown is hosting a meeting to discuss European policy encouraging biofuels. Ahead of the meeting, Mr. Brown said that the UK should be “more selective in our support” for biofuels. Campaigners say providing a renewable alternative for conventional fuels can help stop global warming.

There was always something suspicious about biofuels from the very beginning especially after finding out that George W. Bush supports the idea!

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Ovi Times – Earth Day

Ovi cartoons

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