Clerics killed in Somalia

The bodies of 10 people have been found in a mosque in the Somali capital, after two days of clashes between Ethiopian troops and insurgents.

Local residents blame the killings on the Ethiopians, who are backing the government against Islamist fighters. Six of the dead are religious leaders from the Tabliq Sufi sect, which is not involved in the conflict. Some 70 people were killed over the weekend, local residents say. Sporadic shooting can still be heard. Aden Haji Yusuf, 60, was one of the local elders helped to bury the dead on Monday.

“We are now out, for the first time in two days, to discover the dead bodies of some neighbors and bury them,” he said. Prime Minister Nur Hassan Hussein says the government was defending itself during the weekend clashes.

But locals accused the Ethiopians of shelling the residential areas of Hurwa and Yaqshid in north-eastern Mogadishu, after they came under attack. Among those killed was a seven-year-old girl, while a local resident said he had seen the bodies of two Ethiopians and one government soldier.

Somalia will never find peace if the UN will not do something soon but that demands one and only thing for Li-moon to wake up which I much doubt!!!

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