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Hamas rejects Carter’ hopes for Israel

Palestinian militant group Hamas will not recognize Israel, its political leader Khaled Meshaal has incited.

He was responding to comments by former US President Jimmy Carter, following their talks in Syria at the weekend. Mr. Meshaal said Hamas agreed to a Palestinian state on the land in east Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza that Israel captured in the 1967 war.

Mr. Carter had said Hamas was prepared to accept the right of Israel to “live as a neighbor next door in peace”. Speaking in Syria, where he lives in exile, Khaled Meshaal said the Palestinian state must have “Jerusalem as its capital, with genuine sovereignty, without settlements”.

He added that this did not mean recognizing Israel, but he said: “We have offered a truce if Israel withdraws to the 1967 borders, a truce of 10 years as an alternative to recognition.” The United States said Mr. Meshaal’s comments did not amount to a change of position by Hamas.

Well I have to admit that I’m not surprised at all, apparently I feel sorry for good old Jimmy!

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Mugabe is stealing election

Zimbabwe‘s Robert Mugabe is trying “to steal the election”, almost three weeks after the disputed poll, UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband says.

In a strongly-worded House of Commons statement, he said: “No-one can have any faith in this recount.” He accused Mugabe and his Zanu (PF) party of having “unleashed a campaign of violence” against Zimbabweans who voted against him. The outcome of a partial recount of the disputed elections has been delayed.

He just accused? The man said the truth everybody knows but then again how many choices the caricature Hitler of Zimbabwe has, if he will accept the results he’s heading for a very small and dark cell!

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Clerics killed in Somalia

The bodies of 10 people have been found in a mosque in the Somali capital, after two days of clashes between Ethiopian troops and insurgents.

Local residents blame the killings on the Ethiopians, who are backing the government against Islamist fighters. Six of the dead are religious leaders from the Tabliq Sufi sect, which is not involved in the conflict. Some 70 people were killed over the weekend, local residents say. Sporadic shooting can still be heard. Aden Haji Yusuf, 60, was one of the local elders helped to bury the dead on Monday.

“We are now out, for the first time in two days, to discover the dead bodies of some neighbors and bury them,” he said. Prime Minister Nur Hassan Hussein says the government was defending itself during the weekend clashes.

But locals accused the Ethiopians of shelling the residential areas of Hurwa and Yaqshid in north-eastern Mogadishu, after they came under attack. Among those killed was a seven-year-old girl, while a local resident said he had seen the bodies of two Ethiopians and one government soldier.

Somalia will never find peace if the UN will not do something soon but that demands one and only thing for Li-moon to wake up which I much doubt!!!

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Indonesian militants jailed

Two senior leaders of Indonesia‘s most notorious militant group, Jemaah Islamiah (JI), have received 15-year jail terms for terror-related offenses.

Abu Dujana and Zarkasih were each convicted of harboring terrorists as well as possessing, storing and moving firearms and ammunition. They both told the Jakarta court they would consider launching appeals. JI is accused of carrying out a string of attacks in South East Asia, including the 2002 Bali bombings.

Abu Dujana and Zarkasih were arrested within a week of each other last summer in what was seen as a huge victory for Indonesia’s fight against Islamic militants. Although Zarkasih is a more senior leader in JI, analysts have said that Abu Dujana probably had more influence on rank and file JI members. At the time of the arrests, police described Zarkasih as the “Amir of Jemaah Islamiah” and claimed Abu Dujana had played a role in almost all bomb attacks in the country.

So what? Is anything going to change in Indonesia with those arrests?

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Carter: Hamas will accept Israel

Former US President Jimmy Carter has said that Hamas is prepared to accept the right of Israel to “live as a neighbor next door in peace”.

After meeting Hamas leaders last week in Syria, he said it was a problem the US and Israel would not meet the group. His comments came as the Israeli army launched a formal investigation into the death of a Reuters cameraman killed in the Gaza Strip last week.

And two Palestinians died in Israeli air strikes in the territory. Monday’s strikes killed one Palestinian in the southern city of Rafah and a Hamas militant at Beit Hanoun, a border town from where rockets are often fired at Israel.

The question is when and …for how long!!!

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Rice makes surprise visit to Iraq!

A cartoon from Ovi magazine

Finland's Ovi magazine

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The Ovi magazine today

Killing the death penalty by Asa Butcher

The death penalty has been a regular issue discussed among the Ovi team and there is never any harm in broaching the subject again, especially after this week’s news that an innocent man spent 26 years in prison.

Lev Semenovich Vygotsky: Thought, Language, and Children at Play by Emanuel L. Paparella
In 1958 an Italian translation of a novel written in the Soviet Union and suppressed there appeared in the West winning its author instant fame and recognition and the Nobel Prize for literature besides – the novel’s title is ‘Dr. Zhivago’.

Bloode’s Beastly Beckoning by Matt Williamson
The good Mr. Bloode bounded into his bakery, took out a clean apron, and wiped his hands upon a crisp white cloth.

Nunes Gallery: Graphics Exhibition by Alexandra Pereira
You are invited to an exhibition by Antti Jokinen, Pekka Litmanen and Taina de Carvalho (Graphics) opening on Tuesday April 22nd, 1700-1900.

Rice makes surprise visit to Iraq! by Thanos Kalamidas
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has made an unannounced visit to the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. She said she hoped to see further reconciliation of the various sectarian groups in Iraq.


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