Gaffes dominate the debate

US Democratic presidential hopefuls Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have held their final debate before next week’s key primary in Pennsylvania.

Senator Clinton criticized her rival’s recent remark that working-class voters clung to guns and religion in difficult times, calling it “offensive”. Senator Obama said the comments had been taken out of context. Both expressed confidence that either of them could beat Republican John McCain in November’s election.

But both declined to confirm whether they would ask the other to be their vice-presidential running mate. Asked whether Mr. Obama could win the presidential election, Mrs. Clinton said emphatically: “Yes, yes, yes.” Mr. Obama asked the same question about Mrs. Clinton’s electability, responded: “Absolutely and I’ve said so before.”

Both rivals criticized John McCain’s economic plans, pledging not to raise taxes on those earning less than $200,000 a year. The candidates’ 21st debate since the beginning of the campaign came days before 158 crucial delegates will be up for grabs in Pennsylvania.

The 90-minute debate in Philadelphia gave the candidates a chance to make their case to Pennsylvania’s Democratic voters. But if Barack Obama had hoped this debate would concentrate on policy, he was disappointed, says the BBC’s Jamie Coomarasamy in Philadelphia. The first 45 minutes focused on recent gaffes, our correspondent says.

Unfortunately people and the campaign of the Democratic Party have to live with their gaffs and this campaign looks everyday worst and tighter than the one with Gore!


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  1. loomisnews

    I got a lot better questions for’em

    “Question the candidates: If you ran the debates”


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