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Queen plan stage musical

Queen guitarist Brian May has revealed a sequel to the stage musical We Will Rock You will be bought to the stage.

“We are planning the sequel,” he said. “It is a real challenge.” The 60-year-old said about two million people had seen We Will Rock You, written and directed by Ben Elton, since it opened in London in 2002.

May also say the band were preparing for their autumn tour and new album. “The long arm of Queen has pulled me back in at the moment. It is a beast.” He added: “We’ve pressed the button to go on tour this autumn so already the preparations are very consuming.

“We’ve chosen our set; we’ve chosen our environment on tour. It is very exciting, very exciting indeed. Very time consuming but Queen always was consuming.” Productions of We Will Rock You, based on the songs of Queen, have since opened in Australia, Spain, Russia, the US, Japan and Germany.

The musician was speaking at a formal ceremony to install him as the Chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University.

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Poland remembers ghetto uprising

Poland is holding events to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the Warsaw ghetto uprising. Polish President Lech Kaczynski with 100 guests gathered at a large square on the site of the ghetto, where thousands of Jews died.

Beside the monument to the ghetto fighters, Mr. Kaczynski said the world must remain vigilant to ensure such horrors were not repeated. The uprising was the largest act of Jewish resistance in the Holocaust. For nearly a month in 1943, several hundred Jews, armed with pistols and home-made bombs, resisted German attempts to eradicate the ghetto.

People should remember and remind to the newest generations, but apart from that people of Poland should especially some …twin politicians should remember the catastrophes discriminations bring.

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Zimbabwe opposition strike fails

Many Zimbabwean shops and businesses are open as usual despite opposition calls for a general strike to press for election results to be published.

Correspondents say many people cannot afford to lose a day’s pay, while some say they have not heard of the strike. Armed police and soldiers are on patrol, even though there are no plans for street protests.

The opposition says Morgan Tsvangirai defeated President Robert Mugabe and that the count is being rigged. This is denied by the government, while the police accuse Mr. Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) of “agitating for violence” by calling for the strike.

So now we know who supports Mugabe, by the way how did they build their businesses? Black market and red blood?

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Berlusconi is back to …rubbish

Silvio Berlusconi says tackling Naples‘ rubbish crisis and rescuing troubled airline Alitalia will be among his top priorities.

Mr. Berlusconi’s bloc won solid majorities in both the Senate and lower house in the early general election. “I will be in Naples three days a week” to solve the rubbish crisis, he said on Tuesday. Piles of stinking rubbish have been littering the city for months.

Mr. Berlusconi, 71, is embarking on his third term as prime minister. The billionaire media mogul has warned of “difficult months ahead” and has vowed to work with the centre-left opposition to pass much-needed economic reforms. He was congratulated by defeated rival Walter Veltroni. The polls were held three years ahead of schedule following the collapse of Romano Prodi’s centre-left coalition. Mr. Berlusconi will head Italy’s 62nd government since World War II.

The clown is all the way back and deep in rubbish as usual!

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Today’s Ovi magazine

Jari Martikainen: Vol. 2 by Jari Martikainen

Jari Martikainen, a Finnish aircraft mechanic who enjoys travelling and has photography as a preferred hobby, has returned to Ovi with a second photography presentation.

La Mediterranee En Partage by Europe & Us
L’idee de creer une , est chere au President de la Republique.

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It is time to change the sheets… our inquisitive duvet-loving hero has some female company now asking the great questions of life, religion and the universe.

“it’s a cruel thing” by Bohdan Yuri
“Science is for those who learn; poetry, for those who know.” – Joseph Roux, Meditations of a Parish Priest.

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