Protests at Argentine torch rally

Protesters have gathered in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires, where the Olympic torch is being paraded.

Authorities are mounting a major security operation, keen to avoid the disruption that marred the flame’s progress through the UK, US and France. Several thousand police and marshals have lined the 13km (8-mile) route the torch will follow through Buenos Aires.

But anti-China activists protesting against the Beijing Games have promised “entertaining surprises”. Buenos Aires Mayor Mauricio Macri lit the torch and held it aloft on Friday as hundreds of sporting enthusiasts applauded. But activist Jorge Carcavallo unfurled a giant banner on the torch route reading “Free Tibet”. And members of the Falun Gong spiritual movement, which is banned in China, lit their own “human rights torch” and marched along the route the flame was to take.

Every new city shows what the people of this world think about the embarrassment Olympics, so Mr. Rogge how do you feel now? It was your choice!



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3 responses to “Protests at Argentine torch rally

  1. sahabat88

    thank 4 your info…
    nice to see your blog..😀

  2. When it comes to news like this I don’t feel saying …my pleasure!!!

  3. It is a shame to see that the athletes themselves will get caught up in this.

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