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Zimbabwe is burning

Zimbabwe‘s opposition says its activists have been attacked in a campaign of “massive violence” around the country since recent elections.

“Militias are being rearmed, Zanu-PF supporters are being rearmed,” said MDC Secretary General Tendai Biti. This year’s election campaign has been relatively peaceful until now.

Meanwhile, a judge has agreed to hear an opposition request that the results of last month’s presidential election be released, as an urgent matter. “The case should proceed,” said Justice Tendai Uchena in Harare’s High Court. He then began hearing the actual arguments of the case. The opposition says the violence is meant to intimidate rural voters ahead of a possible run-off poll.

And it becomes worst by every minute. Mugabe’s dictatorship shows its real face. Let’s hope that now the African Union and South Africa will react otherwise the poor people of Zimbabwe are doomed!

Remember that as usual in these cases kids will pay the worst part now and in the future if thay have any with Mugabe around!

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Look who’s talking!

The top US military leader in Iraq Gen David Petraeus has recommended a suspension of troop withdrawals after July to protect gains in Iraq.

Gen Petraeus praised “significant” but “uneven” improvements in security and said troop levels would need a period of evaluation in the summer. The general also condemned Iran for playing a “destructive role” in Iraq.

His comments came in a progress report on Iraq, which he and US ambassador Ryan Crocker are giving to Congress. They began by testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee.

So the failure must continue the next logical question is how many more dead bodies this …protection will coast and who’s going to take over the political coast! Definitely not General Petraeus.

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Brown to calm economy fears

Gordon Brown has said the UK is well placed to deal with global economic crises, after figures showed sharp decline in house prices.

The prime minister said a 2.5% fall in March, recorded by the Halifax, should be seen in the context of 10 years of big increases and low interest rates. He added that the government was not a “spectator” and was “always vigilant” on global economic difficulties. He insisted the UK was in a much better position than in the early 1990s.

The next question is… Gordon what to you take, because the man is under strong illusions!

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Bob Dylan wins a Pulitzer

Singer-songwriter Bob Dylan has received an honorary Pulitzer Prize for his “profound impact on popular music and American culture”.

The special music award recognised the 66-year-old’s “lyrical compositions of extraordinary poetic power”. Prize administrator Sig Gissler said the honour “reflects the efforts of the Pulitzer board to broaden the scope of the music prize”.

The time has come!

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Officials detained in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean police have arrested at least five officials for allegedly under-counting votes cast for President Robert Mugabe in last month’s election.

Police said the election officials have been charged with fraud and criminal abuse of duty, accused of taking nearly 5,000 votes away from Mr. Mugabe.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon joined international calls for the urgent release of the results.

My my, Ki-moon woke up!!! The same time Mugabe started the games, there are too many more tricks coming out of caricature dictator’s sleeve

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