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2004 Athens, where democracy born, 2008 Beijing, where democracy dies every day

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) President, Jacques Rogge, has spoken out over recent unrest in Tibet. Speaking in Beijing, Mr. Rogge said the IOC “has expressed its serious concern and called for a rapid, peaceful resolution of Tibet”.

He also condemned the violent protests which have accompanied the progress of the Olympic torch on its global relay. “Violence for whatever reason is not compatible with the values of the torch relay or the Olympic Games,” he said. The Olympic torch relay through Western Europe started in London on Sunday with angry protests against China’s actions in Tibet.

Well Jacques, isn’t a bit late you remembered the Olympic values? 2004 Olympics in Athens the place democracy born, 2008 Olympics in Beijing, the place democracy dies every day!


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Clinton’s chief strategist quits

The chief strategist for Hillary Clinton’s campaign to become the Democratic Party’s candidate for the US presidency has resigned.

Mark Penn stepped down after a row over a potential conflict of interest involving his public relations firm. Mr. Penn’s company had been employed by the Colombian government to help it pursue a free-trade agreement with the US – a deal Mrs. Clinton opposes. Mrs. Clinton is vying with Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination.

They have been fighting a close battle in the continuing state primary election campaign. The latest count of pledged delegates to the party’s national convention in August, according to Associated Press, puts Mr. Obama at 1,634 and Mrs. Clinton at 1,500. A total of 2,024 delegates are needed to win the Democratic nomination.

I’m wondering if it is true that the mice are the first to run out of a sinking boat!


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The Ovi magazine today

Carl Gustav Jung and “Modern Man in Search of a Soul” by Emanuel L. Paparella

Jung’s original insight lies in a profound awareness of the powerful influence of myths and symbols on the human psyche; that while it is true that man makes symbols, it is also equally true that symbols make man.

Where is the end, Mugabe? by Thanos Kalamidas
The day the people of Zimbabwe were voting I wrote an article asking the people of Zimbabwe to be calm and that Mugabe will do anything and everything not to lose but he will know that he lost in the hearts and brains of the Zimbabwe people.

Welcome to “The Sparrow’s Nest by Duncan Butt Juvonen
“The Sparrow’s Nest” exhibition will opens on April 9th in Helsinki and will feature smiling fish, dining rabbits, aging relatives, a miniature sailor, a self-loathing monkey, a self-harming crow and get to know all about Mister Mungo and the Clatterba

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