Diana unlawfully killed

Princess Diana was unlawfully killed due to the “gross negligence” of driver Henri Paul and the paparazzi, an inquest jury has found. The jury reached the same verdict for her companion Dodi Al Fayed.

The jury also specified that Mr Paul’s drink-driving and the fact that neither Mr Fayed nor Diana were wearing seatbelts contributed to their deaths. The inquest into the 1997 Paris crash that killed them and Mr Paul lasted six months. The jury returned joint verdicts of unlawful killing through grossly negligent driving – or gross negligence manslaughter.

Princes Diana was killed when Mr Paul crashed a hired Mercedes into a pillar in the Alma underpass in Paris in the early hours of 31 August, 1997. Mr Fayed’s father Mohamed al Fayed left the High Court without commenting as did Diana’s sister Lady Sarah McCorquodale.

Coroner Lord Justice Scott Baker thanked the jury for their “considerable devotion” to duty over the past six months and said it was “almost astonishing” that they had been present on every day without having any absences.

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