Bomb convicts escape

Nine people convicted for links to suicide bombings in Casablanca have escaped from a Moroccan prison, officials say.

Prison authorities at Kenitra, 40km north of the capital, Rabat, noticed the escape on Monday morning, the Justice Ministry told state media. An interior ministry source told AFP news agency that the prisoners had tunneled their way out.

The 2003 attacks left 45 people dead, including 12 bombers, and many injured. Most of the nine men were serving life sentences for involvement in the bombings, a group which supports Islamist prisoners said.

A source close to Islamist prisoners told the BBC the nine men had left a message on their wall of their jail. It said they had suffered from injustice and were escaping because they saw no other solution to their woes, stressing that they received no outside help for their prison break.

Let’s see now where in Europe or USA we are going to find them!

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