2004 Athens, where democracy born, 2008 Beijing, where democracy dies every day

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) President, Jacques Rogge, has spoken out over recent unrest in Tibet. Speaking in Beijing, Mr. Rogge said the IOC “has expressed its serious concern and called for a rapid, peaceful resolution of Tibet”.

He also condemned the violent protests which have accompanied the progress of the Olympic torch on its global relay. “Violence for whatever reason is not compatible with the values of the torch relay or the Olympic Games,” he said. The Olympic torch relay through Western Europe started in London on Sunday with angry protests against China’s actions in Tibet.

Well Jacques, isn’t a bit late you remembered the Olympic values? 2004 Olympics in Athens the place democracy born, 2008 Olympics in Beijing, the place democracy dies every day!



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2 responses to “2004 Athens, where democracy born, 2008 Beijing, where democracy dies every day

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  2. Serously Worried

    What is happening to our “leaders” of the world?
    When South Africa implemented Apartheid the world was in uproar. The then (real) leaders of the Western World implemented sanctions, embargo’s and stopped any sort of sporting contact with South Africa. The leaders in those days had the courage of their convictions to make a stand for what was wrong !! What are our “leaders” doing today? The are so scared of making a stand incase they loose their jobs (because most of them will never find honest employment !!) that they sit on the fence and “pussy foot” around any issue that deserves their real attention and action.
    The Leaders of today are generally all spineless, oxygen thieving wimps who should be treated the in a worse way than the poor people in Tibet, Zimbabwe, Dafor etc etc etc.
    Get out of your air conditioned offices, your pinstriped suites and leave your prepared meals and see what is going on in the real world. You all hold positions of power that your countries people have put you in. For goodness sake USE IT !! Listen to the people and DO SOMETHING constructive !!
    Do something good for once insetead of sitting on a fence. You have such think skin that even the barbs on the barbed wire fence you are sitting on has no impact.
    Shame on you.

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