Seeking for U.N. help

Zimbabwe’s opposition party will ask the United Nations to intervene to avoid bloodshed ahead of a hotly contested presidential runoff, Mugabe is dangerous and he controls the army and the security forces that make him dramatically dangerous.

Police and army officers in Zimbabwe have already said that they are not going to hand the power to anybody and Mugabe is the president and they are threatening with a coup, tortures and murders. Nelson Chamisa, a spokesman for the Movement for Democratic Change, said Saturday the party feared President Robert Mugabe would use violence against opposition members in the days leading up to the runoff.

“We will have to appeal to all the international community organizations, including the United Nations, in order to stop Mugabe,” Chamisa said from the city of Bulawayo. Zimbabwe’s ruling party said Friday that Mugabe would be willing to face Morgan Tsvangirai in a runoff election. The announcement by Zanu-PF was made before official results of the March 29 presidential race were announced by the Electoral Commission, which will have the final say in whether a second round of voting occurs.

A runoff is required when neither candidate wins more than 50 percent of the vote. Last Saturday, voters also cast ballots for House and Senate seats and local council members. The commission is required by law to release final figures six days after an election.

The evil man, the caricature Hitler of Zimbabwe will do anything to keep his power.


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