Opposition wins Zimbabwe assembly

Zimbabwe‘s main opposition party has won a majority of seats in parliament, displacing the ruling Zanu-PF, final official results show.


The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) took 99 seats, while President Robert Mugabe’s party polled 97. With presidential election results yet to be declared, the MDC said its leader had won, but Zanu-PF denied this.

Senior Zanu-PF figures are reportedly to meet on Friday to decide whether to contest any presidential run-off. Zimbabwe’s ambassador to the UN told the BBC the president had no intention of leaving the country. “Robert Mugabe is Zimbabwean,” said Boniface Chidyausiku. “He has lived his life to work for Zimbabwe. Why should he choose another country?”

No! he doesn’t need to go to another country, he can stay in a prison cell in Harare and often visit the international court of Hague, there is probably a huge file there with his crimes against humanity!



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