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PKK not a terrorist group

A ruling to blacklist Kurdish rebel group the PKK as a terrorist organization and freeze its assets has been overturned by an EU court.

The European Court of First Instance in Luxembourg said the 2002 decision was illegal under EU law. The court said the EU had failed to tell the PKK in advance of the decision, as it was required to do. The PKK, or Kurdistan Workers’ Party, has been fighting Turkish troops in its campaign for greater autonomy. Turkey has recently launched a series of cross-border attacks on Kurdish rebels who it says have used bases in northern Iraq to launch raids into Turkey.

The thin line between be a terrorist and a liberator. Let’s see how Turkey will excuse now the invasion in Iraq.


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High-ranking Finnish peacekeepers involved in bribes?

The state prosecutor is charging two high-ranking Finnish peacekeeping officers with turning a blind eye to bribes collected by two junior peacekeepers in Afghanistan.

Furthermore, they are accused of neglecting to disclose information during the preliminary investigation. I suppose they did so respecting the fact that Finland is ranking on the top of the less corrupted countries!!!

Two other high-ranking Finnish officers working in Afghanistan, who were previously named in the case, were not charged. Recently, the two junior peacekeepers were sentenced to unconditional prison sentences. The men accepted bribes worth tens of thousands of Euros from Afghan companies from the years 2004 to 2006 in exchange for lucrative construction deals.

According to the sentenced men, taking money for such deals is the custom in Afghanistan. However, they said they did not demand payment.

So it was bribe for the non-corrupted Finns, it was …multiculturalism!


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Opposition wins Zimbabwe assembly

Zimbabwe‘s main opposition party has won a majority of seats in parliament, displacing the ruling Zanu-PF, final official results show.


The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) took 99 seats, while President Robert Mugabe’s party polled 97. With presidential election results yet to be declared, the MDC said its leader had won, but Zanu-PF denied this.

Senior Zanu-PF figures are reportedly to meet on Friday to decide whether to contest any presidential run-off. Zimbabwe’s ambassador to the UN told the BBC the president had no intention of leaving the country. “Robert Mugabe is Zimbabwean,” said Boniface Chidyausiku. “He has lived his life to work for Zimbabwe. Why should he choose another country?”

No! he doesn’t need to go to another country, he can stay in a prison cell in Harare and often visit the international court of Hague, there is probably a huge file there with his crimes against humanity!


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Greece vetoed FYROM

After all the things FYROM and the government of Skopje has done lately showing an obvious ignorance of history and arrogance to a neighbor they will not survive with, fanaticizing the people in vein now they saw the door of NATO closing hard on their faces! The future of the new republic was doubtless now because of their mistakes and based on lies Skopje makes it definitely insecure. You cannot base a democracy on lies!

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The Ovi magazine today

Missing the forest by Thanos Kalamidas

I never pretended to be an expert on US politics and embarrassingly I have to admit that I learn a big deal on what’s going on in the White House and Capitol Hill from a television series called the “West Wing”.

Caption This! April 2008 by The Ovi Team
It is simple. Look at another photo of Sarkozy and write a caption/speech bubble/thought bubble or anything else that captures your imagination.

Manufactured Landscape – Landscape as Architecture by Luis Alves
Who are the users of an industrial structure like a factory, a mine, a quarry or an industrial village? Obviously they are the workers. In fact, who defines the requirements of those structures are the investors or the capital owners.

Union Pour La Mediterranee: Bienvenue Au Souk by Europe & Us
Forum de Paris, vendredi 28 mars. 17h30, Paris, XVeme arrondissement. Petite foule compacte sur les marches de l’Unesco.


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