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International Children’s books day and the Ovi Magazine

It’s not all Harry Potter by Thanos Kalamidas

International Day for Children’s Books is a good chance to think all that and do something, get a book for your child or for a kid you know.

Forget Disney’s hyphenless Pooh by Asa Butcher
In honour of International Day for Children’s Literature, I want to republish a review of two of my favourite books, Alan Alexander Milne’s ‘Winnie-the-Pooh’ and ‘The House at Pooh Corner’.

Los fascistas y los saharauis by Luis Portillo, Ph. D.
Me tomo la libertad de dirigirle esta carta abierta en mi condicion de ciudadano solidario con la causa del pueblo saharaui.

24-hour Ovi Bookshop by The Ovi Team
Without those hard- and paper-backed offerings, bookshops just wouldn’t exist… or would they? Thanks to the ingenuity of the Ovi team, you can download e-books from our online bookshop.


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