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Hillary like we say …Rocky

Hillary Clinton has vowed to fight on in the contest to be the Democrats‘ presidential candidate, comparing herself to the film character Rocky.


Speaking in Philadelphia, where the film Rocky was set, she said: “When it comes to finishing a fight, Rocky and I have a lot in common. I never quit.”

Sylvester be aware a female Rocky is coming! I have to admit that it is amazing what politicians say for a few votes, occasionally even …entertaining!


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Ahern to resign

Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern has announced he is to resign on 6 May. Mr. Ahern, 56, has been taoiseach since June 1997 and has been a member of the Irish Parliament for 31 years.


The announcement comes a day after Mr. Ahern began a court challenge to limit the work of a public inquiry probing planning corruption in the 1990s. The tribunal is probing Mr. Ahern’s personal finances. Mr. Ahern has been leader of Fianna Fáil since 1994 and heads the coalition government.

Mr. Ahern told a news conference he would tender his resignation as both taoiseach and Fianna Fáil leader on 6 May. He said: “The priority I put above all others was to work for peace on this island, and I have given all to that cause.”I know in my heart of hearts I have done no wrong and wronged no-one. “My decision is motivated by what is best for the people. It is a personal decision. “I will not allow issues related to my own person to dominate the people and the body politic.”

Another victim of rumors or his own corrupted will? I suppose is up to the courts to clear the truth now.


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At last he’s officially …losing majority!

The dictator is falling and like any other dictator he’s trying to keep his seat with any possible way, the only thing to hope for is that the army will not follow him in his fall.

Deputy Information Minister Bright Matonga said the claim of victory was irresponsible and could incite violence. And he said the pattern of results from the parliamentary election suggested that there would be a second round in the presidential election.

Asked if Mr. Mugabe would take part he said: “Only the top two go for a run-off, he cannot bring in another candidate to replace another, which means that President Mugabe and Mr. Tsvangirai will go for the run-off if there is going to be a run-off.” Mr. Matonga added that the delay in officially declaring the result was due to the complexity of the process, with 75% of voters living in rural areas.


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Presidential run-off within three weeks

Zimbabwe could be heading for a presidential run-off within three weeks, according to the state-owned Herald newspaper.

The first official indication of the result of Saturday’s election says that neither President Robert Mugabe nor his main challenger gained 50% of the vote. Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai said his party would issue its own results if the commission did not. He says he won the poll but denies discussing Mr. Mugabe’s departure.

Mr. Tsvangirai said he would not claim victory until the official count was known and added that no negotiations would take place until such time.
What is three weeks to all the decades of waiting?

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Olympics ‘worsening China rights’

The international sports event that represents freedom, democracy, friendship, protection of the individuality and human rights, the Olympic Games!


And what Amnesty International has to say for all the above? “It is increasingly clear that much of the current wave of repression is occurring not in spite of the Olympics but actually because of the Olympics”

I have asked it before and I’m going to ask again, what the hell the Olympic committee was thinking when they gave this institution to China?


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Bush in Romania

US President George W Bush is expected to push for NATO’s eastern expansion during a key summit in Romania.


Mr. Bush is expected to tell the alliance’s biggest-ever gathering that NATO membership must be open to any European democracy that seeks it. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is expected to voice concern over its eastward expansion – Russia has warned of a crisis if Ukraine tries to join.

NATO’s role in Afghanistan will also be on the agenda at the two-day summit. Mr. Bush arrived in the Romanian capital, Bucharest, late on Tuesday. He has said he will press the 26-member NATO alliance to support Membership Action Plans for both Ukraine and Georgia.

The US president, who will meet Mr. Putin for talks on Sunday, said he had been assured by other NATO members that Russia would not have a veto on Kiev’s possible admission.

A lot expect this to be the final failure of the Bush administration!


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Pressure mounts in Harare

Four days after elections in Zimbabwe, pressure is growing on the country’s electoral commission to issue results.


Amid intensifying global scrutiny, Morgan Tsvangirai said his Movement for Democratic Change would issue its own results if the commission did not. Mr. Tsvangirai has said he is convinced he defeated President Robert Mugabe but that he will not claim victory until the official count is known. He denied rumors of a secret deal allowing Mr. Mugabe to step down.

The MDC leader said no negotiations would take place until the final result was known. Bright Matonga, Zanu-PF’s Deputy Information Minister, also rejected reports of a deal. MDC sources had earlier told the BBC the outline of an agreement had nearly been reached for Mr. Mugabe to step down.

Parliamentary results released so far show that the MDC has 90 seats, including five for a breakaway faction of the party, against 85 for Zanu-PF, with 35 still to come.

A waiting that kills!


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