Mugabe to leave

The outline of a deal has almost been reached for Zimbabwe‘s President Robert Mugabe to step down; they say representatives of Mr. Mugabe, military chiefs and the opposition have held meetings chaired by South Africa since Saturday’s elections.

The sources said Mr. Mugabe would make the announcement on television, but his aides have denied the reports. Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai said he was prepared to wait. In his first public appearance since the election, Mr. Tsvangirai did not confirm the reported deal.

The leader of the Movement for Democratic Change held a news conference on Tuesday evening, but did not declare himself winner of the election. “I prefer to wait until the ZEC [Zimbabwe Electoral Commission] confirms the results,” Mr. Tsvangirai said. He said: “Robert Mugabe has said he’s an honest man. I hope that when the results are announced it’s a true reflection of the vote and that there’s no reason to investigate in fraudulent activities.”

I just hope the judges are ready because there is plenty of material!




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2 responses to “Mugabe to leave

  1. scotchcart

    How do you conclude a deal? MT specifically said no deal??

  2. I presume he tries to avoid time behind the bars. I hope they will not give him such a deal, however things are not clear yet, it seems the army and the police are not ready to accept the result!

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