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Wishful thoughts but …No deal

Zimbabwe’s opposition leader and a government minister have denied reports that a deal have been reached for President Robert Mugabe to step down.


Morgan Tsvangirai said he believed his Movement for Democratic Change had won Saturday’s election but declined to declare himself the winner. He said his party would reveal their tally of results on Wednesday.

Bright Matonga, Zanu-PF’s Deputy Information Minister, also rejected reports of a deal. Parliamentary results released so far show that the MDC has 82 seats, including five for a breakaway faction of the party, against 78 for Zanu-PF, with 55 still to come.

In his first public appearance since the election, Mr. Tsvangirai told a news conference on Tuesday evening: “Let’s not be influenced by speculation. There is no discussion, and therefore this is just a speculative story.

Too many hopes!


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Mugabe to leave

The outline of a deal has almost been reached for Zimbabwe‘s President Robert Mugabe to step down; they say representatives of Mr. Mugabe, military chiefs and the opposition have held meetings chaired by South Africa since Saturday’s elections.

The sources said Mr. Mugabe would make the announcement on television, but his aides have denied the reports. Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai said he was prepared to wait. In his first public appearance since the election, Mr. Tsvangirai did not confirm the reported deal.

The leader of the Movement for Democratic Change held a news conference on Tuesday evening, but did not declare himself winner of the election. “I prefer to wait until the ZEC [Zimbabwe Electoral Commission] confirms the results,” Mr. Tsvangirai said. He said: “Robert Mugabe has said he’s an honest man. I hope that when the results are announced it’s a true reflection of the vote and that there’s no reason to investigate in fraudulent activities.”

I just hope the judges are ready because there is plenty of material!



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Enough Mugabe …Go Away!

Go away, but not very far … there is a cell with your name waiting for you!

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Berlusconi is back …on the air

Berlusconi said that air France will pull out and air One will step in. Berlusconi said: “French company’s plan is mere colonialism. Prodi sold Alitalia short.” And the man came with a solution, guess what?

People of Freedom’s leader say that a consortium of Italian entrepreneurs, including his children, could be formed and buy Alitalia just to keep it …Italian!

After Berlusconi been for so long a media mogul owning televisions and radios he’s literally planning to be on the air!

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Pakistani nuclear waste into afghan soil!

The Afghan government says it has evidence that nuclear waste from Pakistan was dumped in Afghanistan during the reign of the Taliban.


Parliamentary affairs minister Faruq Wardag said the waste was buried in the southern provinces of Kandahar and Helmand. The minister added he did not know how much waste was dumped or for how long the practice had gone on.

Pakistan said it would comment only after Kabul approaches it officially. Mr. Wardag said he did not know the exact nature of the evidence. He said the government was setting up a commission to investigate the matter.

A Pakistani foreign ministry spokesman said he could not comment until the Afghan government made an official statement about the allegations. The Taliban were in power in Afghanistan from 1996 until they were overthrown in 2001.

Why I am not surprised to read things like that?



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kidnapped in Somalia

Two foreign contractors, a Briton and a Kenyan, working for the UN in Somalia have been seized by unknown gunmen in southern Somalia, reports say. They were doing work for the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

The incident happened on a road between the towns of Bu’aale and Sikow in the Juba region of Somalia, when gunmen fired on the men’s car, witnesses say. The UN based in neighboring Kenya says it cannot confirm the kidnapping, although it had confirmed it earlier. A number of foreign aid workers have been kidnapped in Somalia in the past few months.

It is not known why the two men, who are believed to be working for the FAO-funded Somalia Water and Land Information Management project, may have been kidnapped. It is not known if either man has been harmed, although there are unconfirmed reports that a white man was seen with blood coming from a wound possibly on his leg. In February, MSF withdrew all their international staffs from Somalia after three of its workers were killed by a bomb.

Trying to help and be a victim of the worst kind of violence from the ones you try to help! That’s definitely disappointing and discouraging.

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Bush backs Ukraine

US President George W Bush has voiced his support for Ukraine’s membership of Nato, during a visit to Kiev.


Sitting beside President Viktor Yushchenko, Mr. Bush said Kiev had made a bold decision to request membership and the US “strongly supported it”. Mr. Bush said he would press Nato allies in Romania this week to support Membership Action Plans for both Ukraine and Georgia. Russia is fiercely opposed to the eastward expansion of Nato.

First was China and now Russia, I feel a cold wind coming. It looks like we are missing so much the cold war that we are …creating it; but then weapon industry needs ….sales!


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