jailed Farc for Betancourt

Colombia has offered to release jailed Farc rebels if they first hand over former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt and other hostages.

Peace Commissioner Luis Carlos Restrepo said that if some captives were liberated, it could begin the process of exchanging rebels for hostages. The offer, backed by the president, comes amid reports that Ms Betancourt, a French-Colombian citizen, is ill.

She is said to have hepatitis B and a tropical skin disease. Colombia’s human rights ombudsman Wolmar Perez said earlier that Ms Betancourt’s health was “very, very delicate”. Announcing the “humanitarian” offer, Mr. Restrepo told a news conference: “The legal basis for a humanitarian exchange has been established and we have reduced the requirements as much as possible.

“The government has joined the national and international cry that the life of Ingrid Betancourt be saved. We cannot run risks in this case and there is no more time to wait.”

Let’s hope that something will come out of this because the woman is obviously reaching her natural limits!



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