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Ups …he did it again!

And again and again and again! This man turns to be the hero of this blog! In Europe politicians have girlfriends, mistresses, boyfriends, Nicolas has Carla and …so what? Nothing really maters. From the other side of the ocean …here is all the excitement, all the spice!

Disgraced former Gov. Eliot Spitzer has been identified as a long-standing client of a second high-priced call-girl ring, The Post has learned.

The ex-governor regularly …patronized Wicked Models, the Manhattan-based operation taken down Tuesday, according to financial documents and other evidence unearthed in a yearlong prostitution investigation, law-enforcement sources said.

The revelation comes three weeks after Spitzer was outed as “Client-9” in a separate federal hooker probe involving the New Jersey-based Emperors Club VIP.


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Network killed …Hariri

I’m still trying to find out when Syria change her name and from Syria is called …network; you see UN must know something I don’t! A UN commission investigating the death of former Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri says the evidence suggests a network of people was responsible for the attack.

No individuals were named, but the investigators said what it called the “Hariri Network” might also be behind other deadly attacks in Lebanon. The ex-PM and 22 others died in a huge car bombing in Beirut in February 2005.

Past UN inquiries suggested that Syrian and Lebanese intelligence forces had played a role – which Syria denied. The commission said the evidence indicated that the network existed before his assassination and carried out surveillance of the former prime minister. It said at least part of the network continued to operate after Mr. Hariri’s killing.

Lebanon has been in crisis and without a president for months, amid a drawn-out power struggle between the pro- and anti-Syrian factions.


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The Ovi magazine today

A Finnish Souven-ear by Asa Butcher

When I read that a Finnish tourist had vandalised one of the ancient Moai statues on Easter Island, I began to feel the seed of anger germinate…

Portugal e um dos paises mais centralizados da UE by Luis Alves
Portugal e um dos paises mais centralizados da Uniao Europeia, tendo 30 anos de uma relativamente jovem democracia parlamentar e de um poder local democratico.

Monochromaticic: For Sale by Thanos Kalamidas
The world in which we live is not black and white, but through the eyes of Thanos K it suddenly becomes monochrome with a splash of humour.

Europevision Semi-Final in Helsinki by Caisa
The last (but not least) category to go through the semifinal screening of the Ourvision 2008 Song Contest is Europevision, where the already chosen five semifinalists compete for only two spots in the glorious Grande Finale.


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10 more days to hand over their weapons

Iraq’s government has extended by 10 days a deadline for Shia militiamen fighting troops in the southern city of Basra to hand over their weapons.
More than 130 people have been killed and 350 injured since a clampdown on militias began in Basra on Tuesday. US-led forces joined the battle for the first time overnight, bombing Shia positions, the UK military said.

Iraq’s parliament is to hold emergency talks on the crisis, which has also brought a three-day curfew in Baghdad. A statement from Prime Minister Nouri Maliki’s office read: “All those who have heavy and intermediate weapons are to deliver them to security sites and they will be rewarded financially. This will start from March 28 to April 8.”

I think the big question remaining is why these 10 days? Wont they have the time in ten days to do more damage? How many Shia Rambo will take to destroy everything in ten days? This is really sad and in the end it shows that they are going to hand …some weapons but the problem will remain. If they wanted to make the difference they should have said by tomorrow evening, and that’s it!

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Nuclear inventory?

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates has ordered a full inventory of US nuclear arms after parts of ballistic missiles were mistakenly sent to Taiwan.
He said a report, that would also include checks of related materials, should be completed within 60 days. The US sent nuclear fuse triggers to Taiwan instead of helicopter batteries in 2006. The mistake was only discovered last week.

The arms issue is sensitive as China regards Taiwan as a renegade province. Beijing vehemently opposes US arms sales to Taiwan and has threatened to attack the island if it declares independence.

Right, things like this make me worry, inventory? You mean you re not exactly sure what you have in your storage? Man, we are talking about nuclear, you know …boom …the end!

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Mugabe’s election

A final day of campaigning has begun in Zimbabwe‘s general election, amid opposition fears of widespread vote-rigging in Saturday’s poll.

The two main rivals to President Robert Mugabe, Morgan Tsvangirai and Simba Makoni, have said there are severe discrepancies in voter lists. Mr. Mugabe insists the vote is fair and everyone should abide by the results.

There have been few reliable opinion polls. A candidate must win 50% of the presidential vote to avoid a run-off.

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Emergency session to end fighting between Shia and Iraqi security forces

Iraq‘s parliament is due to hold an emergency session to try to end fighting between Shia militias and Iraqi security forces.

It comes a day after a three-day curfew was imposed in Baghdad following attacks on the city’s Green Zone, where the government and embassies are based. Iraq’s army is continuing its offensive in Basra.

More than 130 people have died in the southern city since a clampdown on Shia militias began there on Tuesday. On Thursday, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki vowed that he would continue the fight against the militias for as long as was necessary. “We have made up our minds to enter this battle and we will continue until the end. No retreat,” Mr. Maliki said in a speech broadcast on Iraqi state television.

The prime minister has personally overseen the operation in Basra, which involves some 30,000 troops and police fighting the Shia Mehdi Army, led by radical cleric Moqtada Sadr. But Mehdi Army fighters remain in control of some densely-populated areas.

And now I might sound stupid, but why haven’t day done it for so many months?


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