The Ovi magazine today

Whither democracy in America? Part 2: Is Democracy for sale in America? by Dr. Habib Siddiqui

The Christian fundamentalists and evangelists cast liberal seminaries as “sinful” havens. For legitimacy of imperial rule, they recruited and financed minority (e.g., Blacks, Chinese and Korean) churches who parroted their views.

Musharraf’s song by Thanos Kalamidas
Pakistan has a new Prime Minister elected in Musharraf’s democratic way and acceptance which means Musharraf decides the song that the new P.M. dances to.

Les deux portes du Moyen-Orient (1/3) by Newropeans-Magazine
Un regard historique peut clarifier les preceptes de liens ou de divergences qui ont pu donner lieu a l’etat actuel dans lequel se trouvent le monde arabe et son voisin iranien.

The Draft Constitution of Burma’s Military Rulers by Rohingya Human Rights
Burma has been in a political deadlock since the military refused to recognize the election results of 1990 and in order to facilitate a national reconciliation on the democratic reforms, the UN Chief has appointed Ibrahim Gambari.



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