We are stronger together

French President Nicolas Sarkozy says France and Britain have “never been so close”, during an historic address to both houses of the UK Parliament. He said he wanted a new Franco-British “brotherhood”, stressing that what brought Britain and France together was “stronger than what separates us”.


His country would “never forget” what British people did to “free France” during the world wars, he said. Peers and MPs crowded into the Royal Chamber to hear the speech in French.

Mr. Sarkozy said France and Britain were stronger side by side, and the world admired the UK’s “courage”. Earlier Mr. Sarkozy and his new wife Carla Bruni met the Queen and Prince Philip at Windsor Castle at the start of a two day state visit to Britain.

Both President Sarkozy and Prime Minister Gordon Brown have said they want a new era of closer relations. Mr. Sarkozy says he wants the UK and France to work “hand in glove” on issues like energy and immigration.

That’s it, no more jokes with frogs and roast beef; and please did you see the way Philip was looking at …Mrs. Bruni’s dress?



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