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Anderson’s marriage is annulled?

The marriage of former Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon has been officially annulled, court documents filed in Los Angeles show. Both parties listed fraud as the reason for declaring their October 2007 wedding void.


Salomon, 40, is best known for making an explicit video with ex-girlfriend and celebrity heiress Paris Hilton. Canadian-born Anderson, also 40, was previously married to Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee and rapper Kid Rock.

Anderson and Salomon married in Las Vegas in October but separated eight weeks later. The pair married in between her two nightly appearances as a magician’s assistant in Hans Klok’s The Beauty of Magic at the Planet Hollywood resort. Salomon had a nine-month marriage with the former Beverly Hills, 90210 actress Shannen Doherty in 2002.

Does that mean Baywatch – only Pamela is back? Barbwire II?


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Mugabe’s price cuts

Africa’s caricature Hitler hit again and this time straight to the point!!! Zimbabwe has something like 100,000% inflation and …guess what; Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has threatened to force businesses to cut prices ahead of the 29 March elections.

Prices have again shot up after Mr. Mugabe awarded huge pay rises to teachers and civil servants last month. “We are going to read the riot act to them [businesses],” he told a campaign rally in Hwange. The government last year ordered prices to be reduced, leading to widespread shortages. Zimbabwe’s annual inflation rate is 100,000% – the worlds highest.

The state-owned Herald newspaper reports that Mr. Mugabe has ordered business leaders to attend a meeting with government officials. “We want them to reduce prices to those which were in effect before the salary hike,” he said.

He said that anyone who refused to co-operate would be nationalized, through the new Indigenization and Empowerment Act, under which businesses are supposed to be majority-owned by black Zimbabweans. Mr. Mugabe says white-owned businesses are raising prices in order to reduce his chances of being re-elected.

The businesses say the official prices are below the cost of production. Some 12,000 people were arrested last year for selling goods at above the official prices if that is possible with 100,000% inflation!

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Sarkozy the first to talk about boycott

We are definitely going to live again days of the Moscow Olympics! French President Nicolas Sarkozy says he has not ruled out boycotting the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in China over the situation in Tibet.


His aides said France was still opposed to a full boycott but that it might pull out of the opening ceremony in Beijing on 8 August. The recent unrest in Tibet has sparked worldwide concern.

Olympics chief Jacques Rogge said last week he was “heartened” that no major government had backed a boycott. On Tuesday, the White House said US President George W Bush still planned to attend the opening of the Games, while the UK said Prime Minister Gordon Brown would still be going to the closing ceremony.

It seems in the end the Athens Olympics will be the last real Olympics to remember despite the fact of all the negativity before they started.


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A King out of Braveheart

Robert de Brus or Robert de Bruys 11 July 1274 – 7 June 1329), usually known in modern English as Robert the Bruce, in March 25 1306 like today becomes king of Scotland!

Odd to say but outside of Scotland he became known because of the film, Braveheart with Mel Gibson where the Scottish actor Angus MacFadyen plays the character.

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Spears’ order appeal

Back to the drama, a challenge to a court ruling that puts Britney Spears‘ father in control of her assets until July has been dismissed by a US appeal court.

Lawyer John Eardley, who claims to represent the singer, argued she had not been given sufficient notice when the order was granted in February. Despite the fact that was going a bit …crazy in hospitals and everything going around her with the media and the paparazzi going mad you would say that she didn’t exactly had the time to …take notice! A judge in California said it was not within his powers to grant an appeal.

Meanwhile, the singer’s guest appearance on TV comedy How I Met Your Mother was screened on Monday night. In the programme, shown on the CBS network, the 26-year-old played the character of Abby, a doctor’s receptionist with a crush on main character, Ted. In real life she obviously has a crash!

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Donors’ money

I think it was natural one day questions start, you see at least another $10bn (£5bn) in aid promised to Afghanistan has still to be delivered. Also two-thirds of aid is not spent through the government and 40% goes back to donor countries in consultant fees and expatriate pay.

On top of that the prospects for peace in Afghanistan are being undermined because what has been donated is not being used effectively. “Western countries are failing to deliver” is the clear message and it shows a disparity between what has been promised and what has been delivered.

And the way in which the money is used is also criticized. ‘Poor security’ is one thing spends in corrupted hands is another but then …different countries have different ways of spending.
Some countries channel donations through the government to help their civil service manage and decide on the funding of development programs but two-thirds of the international aid misses out the government altogether.

The biter truth is that Afghanistan remains a country under siege with the Taliban sound and alive and the people suffering in an often midlevel environment.

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Medvedev warns NATO

Fine, before taking the seat he started! The incoming Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev, has said his country is not happy about the prospect of Ukraine and Georgia joining NATO. Speaking in an interview with the Financial Times of London, he said such a move could affect European security.

Mr. Medvedev said no country would be happy about a military bloc to which it did not belong approaching its borders. Asked about recent troubled relations with the UK, he said he was open to restoring full co-operation.

Mr. Medvedev is succeeding Vladimir Putin after winning a landslide victory in the presidential election earlier this month. He has pledged to continue the policies of Mr. Putin who is expected to become his prime minister. The issue of admitting Georgia and Ukraine is expected to be discussed at a NATO summit in Bucharest on 2-4 April.


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