Olympic ceremony

A ceremony is due to be held in Greece to light the torch that will be carried to Beijing for the Olympic Games. Hundreds of police will be on patrol around ancient Olympia, where the games originated almost 3,000 years ago.


Security is tight to prevent disruption by activists, who have vowed to protest over the violence in and around Tibet. The head of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) defended the decision to hold the Games in China saying there was “no momentum” for a boycott.

“The major political leaders don’t want a boycott,” said IOC president Jacques Rogge said ahead of Monday’s ceremony. The torch is to travel through 20 countries – and scale Mount Everest – before the Beijing Games open on 8 August.

He’s running out of excuses as well, what does it mean the major political leaders don’t want a boycott? If I remember well from the past USA was a major power but boycotted Moscow Olympics and the Russians did the same in Los Angeles, the thing now is who’s going to be the first, the rest will just follow!



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