Gaddafi, Muhammad and Christ

Ugandan Church leaders have asked Christians to forgive Libya’s leader for suggesting the Bible was forged as it didn’t mention the Prophet Muhammad. Ugandan clerics pointed out the Bible was written before Muhammad was born.


Colonel Gaddafi made his comments whilst in Uganda’s capital, Kampala, last week to open a giant mosque. He

has since left the country. “How can we be blamed for not including what was not in existence?” said Archbishop Lwanga in his sermon for Easter prayers at Rubaga Cathedral. “I ask fellow Christians to forgive Gaddafi like Jesus forgave those people who crucified him on the cross.”

But who can forgive the general ignorance there is in Islam and Muslim countries for Christianity and in extent in general for the west. For them we are nothing more or less than infidels; but what do they know? Perhaps not more than Gaddafi does but then we should know everything, when we draw a cartoon, how and with whom!



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