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Gaddafi, Muhammad and Christ

Ugandan Church leaders have asked Christians to forgive Libya’s leader for suggesting the Bible was forged as it didn’t mention the Prophet Muhammad. Ugandan clerics pointed out the Bible was written before Muhammad was born.


Colonel Gaddafi made his comments whilst in Uganda’s capital, Kampala, last week to open a giant mosque. He

has since left the country. “How can we be blamed for not including what was not in existence?” said Archbishop Lwanga in his sermon for Easter prayers at Rubaga Cathedral. “I ask fellow Christians to forgive Gaddafi like Jesus forgave those people who crucified him on the cross.”

But who can forgive the general ignorance there is in Islam and Muslim countries for Christianity and in extent in general for the west. For them we are nothing more or less than infidels; but what do they know? Perhaps not more than Gaddafi does but then we should know everything, when we draw a cartoon, how and with whom!


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The Dark Side of the Moon

One of the best Rock albums in the history of music released on March 24, 1973! Its use of Musique concrète with philosophical lyrics, something that would eventually become a trademark of Pink Floyd‘s music, is also present.

The album was a huge landmark in rock music, as it featured the use of synthesizers in a way never heard before, exceptional sound quality (even by present day standards), and radio-friendly songs such as “Money”, “Time”, “Us and Them”, and “Brain Damage/Eclipse”. Some music critics use the album as a point of reference in determining between “classic” blues-rock and the then-new genre of electronic music. The Dark Side of the Moon is probably Pink Floyd’s best work and it is all thanks to Roger Waters.

The Dark Side of the Moon spent 741 consecutive weeks (14 years) on the USA-based Billboard 200 album chart, the longest duration in history. It is also the sixth highest selling album globally of all time, selling more than forty million records.


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Sergeant Elvis Aaron Presley

Like today, 24th of March, Elvis Aaron Presley joined the US army.


Elvis Presley was drafted and served in the HQ Co.1st Medium Tank Battalion, 32d Armored Regiment from 24 March1958 to 5 March 1960. His Army serial number was US 53310761. He earned a sharpshooter badge for the .45 pistol and M1 rifle and a marksman badge for the M2 carbine. He received a Good Conduct Medal and a 3d Armored Division Certificate of Achievement (for faithful and efficient performance of duty).

He was twenty-three years old when he was drafted as a recruit and age twenty-five when he left as a sergeant E-5.

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International day of tuberculosis

World Tuberculosis Day is designed to build public awareness about the disease. It commemorates the day in 1882 when Dr. Robert Koch announced he had discovered the cause of tuberculosis. His discovery opened the way toward diagnosing and curing tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis (TB) kills about two million people each year, making it one of the world’s leading infectious causes of death among young people and adults. One-third of the world’s population is infected with TB.


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Olympic torch aflame …China

The Olympic torch has been lit at a ceremony being held in Greece amid heavy security. About 1,000 police officers are patrolling ancient Olympia, fearing protests by pro-Tibet demonstrators.

One person briefly disrupted proceedings as China’s representative spoke but was removed by security.

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Hezbollah in Beirut

Hezbollah is to hold a rally in Beirut to mark the end of the 40-day mourning period for its assassinated commander Imad Mughniyeh. Mughniyeh was killed by a car bomb in Damascus on 12 February.


Israel, although it denies any involvement in the killing, has been braced for retaliation. During his life, Mughniyeh lived in the shadows. But since his death, he has been acclaimed by Hezbollah as one of the group’s most important commanders.

The United States and Israel regarded him as a terrorist, responsible for a string of high-profile attacks over more than two decades. After his killing in Damascus last month, Hezbollah blamed Israel. The group’s leader Hassan Nasrallah spoke of “open war” and hinted at revenge.

The worst crime Bin Laden did was against the people he was supposedly defending and supporting, the Palestinians. Before him the difference between terrorist and liberator was thin and arguable, nowadays Bin Laden has cleared everything… what liberators …they are terrorists!


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Olympic ceremony

A ceremony is due to be held in Greece to light the torch that will be carried to Beijing for the Olympic Games. Hundreds of police will be on patrol around ancient Olympia, where the games originated almost 3,000 years ago.


Security is tight to prevent disruption by activists, who have vowed to protest over the violence in and around Tibet. The head of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) defended the decision to hold the Games in China saying there was “no momentum” for a boycott.

“The major political leaders don’t want a boycott,” said IOC president Jacques Rogge said ahead of Monday’s ceremony. The torch is to travel through 20 countries – and scale Mount Everest – before the Beijing Games open on 8 August.

He’s running out of excuses as well, what does it mean the major political leaders don’t want a boycott? If I remember well from the past USA was a major power but boycotted Moscow Olympics and the Russians did the same in Los Angeles, the thing now is who’s going to be the first, the rest will just follow!


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